Kodak "Cattle Prod"





Introduction: Kodak "Cattle Prod"

This is a little something I did when I had a spare hour and some old central vaccum PVC. I took the regular Kodak Tazer and stuck it inside an insulated altoid tin. I covered the inside of the tin in Duct Tape so the charge wouldn't reach the can. I also took off the metal button normally used and attached a bump switch from a computer mouse, so I wouldn't shock myself every time I used it. I took the two "shocking" wires down a piece of PVC, near the front, stuck them through a piece of cardboard, and added some extra solder on the ends. Hot glue the tin to the back, and congrats, you have yourself a cattle prod.

Sorry, I would have made an instructable, but I didn't think about it at the time.




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Just a quick note...The capacitors inside cameras (WITH flash) carry a crap-load of power. Ground your wrists if at all possible. You wouldn't want this current passing through vital organs. I did a couple projects with my Dad when I was younger with a flash camera. We were using the discharge from the capacitors to launch a rocket (or so we thought). There was an accident that didn't injure us (thankfully), but did weld 2 screwdrivers together. And for the sake of peace, please don't use this on another human being. Stun guns are fairly cheap, as well as designed for "less than lethal". Very clever housing design.

Yeah. I know. It's not very bright to use this on other people. And it leaves little weld marks on everything metal. Not to mention the solder on the ends melts a little.

I have been shocked by a fully charged capacitor on a disposable camera and its not deadly. i got shocked on my finger, and all it did was tense up all my muscles and give me a little burn on my finger. It only hurt for 20 minutes or so and it wasn't incredibly painful. It was caused when i touched the circuit board in the wrong place so the power went in on the right side of my fingertip, and out the left.

There are certain places on the board that can revers the flow through a rewsistorif you touch it wrong. If you touch the capacitor directly thats REALLY BAD!!!