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This is a little something I did when I had a spare hour and some old central vaccum PVC. I took the regular Kodak Tazer and stuck it inside an insulated altoid tin. I covered the inside of the tin in Duct Tape so the charge wouldn't reach the can. I also took off the metal button normally used and attached a bump switch from a computer mouse, so I wouldn't shock myself every time I used it. I took the two "shocking" wires down a piece of PVC, near the front, stuck them through a piece of cardboard, and added some extra solder on the ends. Hot glue the tin to the back, and congrats, you have yourself a cattle prod.

Sorry, I would have made an instructable, but I didn't think about it at the time.



wolf996 (author)2012-02-26


ghostguard7 (author)2008-04-21

Just a quick note...The capacitors inside cameras (WITH flash) carry a crap-load of power. Ground your wrists if at all possible. You wouldn't want this current passing through vital organs. I did a couple projects with my Dad when I was younger with a flash camera. We were using the discharge from the capacitors to launch a rocket (or so we thought). There was an accident that didn't injure us (thankfully), but did weld 2 screwdrivers together. And for the sake of peace, please don't use this on another human being. Stun guns are fairly cheap, as well as designed for "less than lethal". Very clever housing design.

Doctor What (author)ghostguard72008-04-24

Yeah. I know. It's not very bright to use this on other people. And it leaves little weld marks on everything metal. Not to mention the solder on the ends melts a little.

benthekahn (author)Doctor What2008-04-28

I have been shocked by a fully charged capacitor on a disposable camera and its not deadly. i got shocked on my finger, and all it did was tense up all my muscles and give me a little burn on my finger. It only hurt for 20 minutes or so and it wasn't incredibly painful. It was caused when i touched the circuit board in the wrong place so the power went in on the right side of my fingertip, and out the left.

mdgnys (author)benthekahn2008-10-29

There are certain places on the board that can revers the flow through a rewsistorif you touch it wrong. If you touch the capacitor directly thats REALLY BAD!!!

Doctor What (author)mdgnys2008-10-29


keroroman (author)Doctor What2011-12-21


mdgnys (author)Doctor What2008-10-30


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mre1010 (author)bears02011-02-20


Doctor What (author)benthekahn2008-04-29

It's definately not deadly. But it might be quite a suprise to someone who isn't expecting it.

mdgnys (author)Doctor What2008-10-30

I sold one to my friend as an instant fire starter onde for $20All i did was take out the flash and put two wires close together!!!

pigmaster (author)2008-06-27

maby you could put a larger voltage battery on it if you sauder it with wiers going out side the box and taking a cheap drink holder connected to the side as a holster to produce a beter shock correct me if im wrong!!!

XOIIO (author)pigmaster2011-08-09

you're not wrong, but all your spelling is.

metal-matt (author)2008-03-05

hi every one im from australia and cant get any old used disposible cameras (i live in a small town) and am in need of these cameras CAN YOU HELP ME??? what i would like would be i few used camera's(5 at least) posted to me. just pm me and we can arange something hopefully :)

ampeyro (author)metal-matt2010-02-04

i had the same problem, in the shop they told me that the cameras were sent to another place for processing the photos inside, so i decided to buy a new one at the chinese bazar for 2,5€

Doctor What (author)metal-matt2008-03-05

So, they don't have a store with disposable cameras? Or they just don't sell them in your area? You can buy a new one for a couple bucks. They don't have to be used.

slipknot rules (author)2009-03-15

i put the circuit in a butter container and took it 2 school. me and my friends were exploding grass! but a replaced the 330v cap with a 400v 300uf one!!

Taking something like this to school can get you suspended or expelled. Never, ever, ever do it. It has happened before.

the teachers didnt really care...

652800 (author)slipknot rules2009-04-17

A kid in Massachusetts got arrested last year for bringing his camera "tazer" into school, so you got lucky, I wouldn't recommend doing it again if I were you...

wret (author)2009-01-27

that stupid

wret (author)wret2009-01-27

that is so stupid GOT IT!!!

mdgnys (author)2008-10-29

That would blow the capacitor and everything!!! Just bypass the resistor>

Whaleman (author)2007-12-13

That is kinda cool. But why is it in "Worst. Instructables. Ever."? It isn't an instructable....

Doctor What (author)Whaleman2007-12-15

That was an accident, I should go remove it. BTW, I just finished the ible.

Whaleman (author)Doctor What2007-12-15

Yay! Now I can annoy friends and family alike!

Jake-off (author)2007-12-11

you should really consider making an Instructable. I have 4 siblings so I may as well treat them like cattle

tyeo098 (author)Jake-off2007-12-11

My siblings are cattle!

Jake-off (author)tyeo0982007-12-12

take it to school for assembly's. students herding into the auditorium are cattle

tyeo098 (author)2007-12-11

No actual instructions?
You fail me =[

Doctor What (author)tyeo0982007-12-11

:P It was an attempt to use the slideshow feature. I'll try to post an instructable.

pyro13 (author)2007-12-11

please make instructions

Doctor What (author)pyro132007-12-11

I'll try to, it might take a couple of days though. The main thing for this was to try out the slideshow feature. BTW, very glitchy.

Kiteman (author)2007-12-11

Looks like a modern take on an old flintlock. Nice.

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-10

just wondering, what is a cattle prod?

theRIAA (author)GorillazMiko2007-12-10

"A cattle prod, also called a stock prod, is a handheld device commonly used to make cattle or other livestock move by striking or poking them, or in the case of a Hot-Shot-type prod, through a relatively high voltage, low current electric shock."

GorillazMiko (author)theRIAA2007-12-10

Oh. for a while, i thought it was those things that they use to brand them the thing they burn the little circles into their body but you told me the RIGHT thing. thanks :-)

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