Picture of Koi pond papercraft clock
I created this project as an entry for the Instructables papercraft contest.  I have always been interested in papercraft and have done a few pieces with a pen knife, which is painstaking work.  However, I recently became a TechShop member (mid-Peninsula woohoo!) so I have access to a laser cutter!  A papercut dream come true!  Now my forearms hurt from all the mouse clicking, but it's a more tolerable type of pain, especially when you consider the final results.

This project was inspired by an idea I had for a pair of earrings.  I have always liked the fishnet motif that is used in Japanese textiles, and I thought that koi fish would be a nice complement.  For this project I also added Japanese maple leaves, which are gorgeous in the fall.  So the effect I am going to is a koi pond in autumn.  I decided to do a clock face because it is a project that has been on my list for a  few months.  It's also a good size (not too big or small) to try and execute this idea, and it can be done using paper and wood, perfect for the laser.

There are two phases to this project.  First you build the body/supporting structures of the clock.  Next you get fancy and decorate.  I came up with this idea on Friday, started working Friday night, worked more on Saturday, and did gluing on Sunday and Monday.  All in all it probably took me about 12 hours, much of it spent making CDR (CorelDraw) files and getting my paper pieces cut out.  Since I am including my CDR files, anyone trying to re-create this piece will spend much less time on it.

And of course, I made it at TechShop.

Wow.. I love the colors and arrangement you went with!

That is just beautiful!

gazervizion (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you :)

Toasty22221 year ago

So cool, and much more interesting than a regular clock!

gazervizion (author)  Toasty22221 year ago


what if you could rig some way for the kai to move with the minute or second hand? just thought
gazervizion (author)  Jampbellkid1 year ago

That was my original plan, but Woodcraft didn't carry that style of clock. It's definitely something that I will look into for future projects.

Wow, this is gorgeous!

Thank you very much!