Picture of Koinobori no Instructables Roboto Carp Streamer Windsock

Domo arigato, Ibles Roboto. Koinobori are carp fish shaped streamers or windsocks traditionally flown in Japan. Here, to celebrate the newly proclaimed Day of Making June 18, 2014 (USA), carp fish streamers in the shape of robots will be traditionally flown in honor of all makers big and small for a good future and the hope they follow Kiteman's Zeroth Law: Thou shalt post. You should read up on the fascinating lore of the traditional Japanese koinobori though.

Koinobori can be hung from lines stretched across open areas or flown from poles. There may be a windsock representing the family colors or crest at the top of the pole. Carp streamers are added below each other representing individuals of the family. The size and color would be indicative of the family heirarchy. If Autodesk colors are flown, substitute the carp papa fish with a big bass.

Koinobori are usually handmade with intricate designs that are painted or printed using woodblocks. I made this instructables robot streamer using modern sewing techniques. You can model your designs first as paper cutouts and maybe even fabricate them as 3D prints.

You should have seen the Kiteman koinobori. That one got away. You have to make your own.


This is great! What a creative way to make the Instructable Robot.

I see your banter with Kiteman continues.... =)

caitlinsdad (author)  DeandrasCrafts1 year ago

Thanks, I already had the Instructables Robot gnome http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Robolocity-Roa...

I do believe I rank prettty high with Kiteman...

bricobart1 year ago

Looks like the perfect fishing lure! Filled with sardines, I see it dragging behind my kayak to attract all the tuna's in the region. Hehe.

caitlinsdad (author)  bricobart1 year ago

Ah, Captain Ahab, we meet again...

great instructable and the Japanese culture element in this project just makes it more interesting!!!!

caitlinsdad (author)  Naren_Murali1 year ago

It's fun to make things when you are a fish out of water.

I love it, great job! I also love to see this little lady, I am assuming is Caitlin, growing up! She is a doll! :)

caitlinsdad (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago