Kollabora's Geo Painted Wooden Bangles





Introduction: Kollabora's Geo Painted Wooden Bangles

Never a fan of geometry class, but always a fan of geometric shapes!

Blank wooden bangles provide the backdrop for you to let your imagination run wild. All you need is a few strips of tape and these fantastic paint pens from Slob Proof! See how you can easily paint your way to a killer new bracelet with a few materials and the steps listed below.

What you'll need for this project: wooden bangle bracelet (preferably 1" or more in width), Slob Proof paint pens, water resistant paint, painter's or masking tape (various sizes depending on desired shape).

Step 1: Tape Off Design

Start by using masking tape or painter's tape to create the borders for your design.

Step 2: Paint Your Design

Click the bottom of the Slobproof pen until paint comes up through the brush bristles and being painting within your taped off design. It usually takes about 2-3 coats depending on the thickness of your paint. We used standard craft paint.

Step 3: Let Dry and Remove Tape

Allow your finished bracelet to dry for at least 30 minutes. You can lightly tap any painted areas to make sure they're dry and if so you can proceed to remove your tape. To ensure that your bracelet lasts through wear and tear, you can finish off with a coat of clear shellac like Mod Podge or a spray shellac like Bulls Eye.

For more info and to get supplies visit:  http://kollabora.com/community/jewelry/projects/geo-painted-wooden-bangles



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For even crisper lines, I would suggest using a clear coat first over the tape. That way if there's any leakage under the tape, you won't see it, and the following layers of color will be perfectly crisp!

Thanks for the tip scoochmaroo! If you give it a try, we'd love to see your work.

I love how the design is simple, but is very bold!