Step 1: Getting Started...

Picture of Getting Started...
What you'll need to get started brewing kombucha tea...

There will be a few items that you will need to gather before starting:

- A fresh kombucha culture starter, organic if possible. You can search the web for a starter or go here for a good organic source http://store.organic-kombucha.com  or our new site http://store.organic-cultures.com
- A large vessel to heat the water/sugar solution. This can be metal for this step.
- Filtered water (the best choice) or well water, never city water
- Cane sugar or other natural sugar, we suggest organic cane sugar
- Tea (Camellia Sinensis) - This may be green,white, or black tea, or a mixture thereof, we again suggest organic tea. Fruit tea and herbal tea will not work as they do not provide the proper nutrients for the growing cultures and may slow the new culture from reproducing. However, feel free to add these to your finished product for added health benefits.
- A glass container for fermenting the tea solution (an old gallon pickle jar works great!) Here some people use plastic, if you do, make sure it is food grade plastic with a #2 symbol on the bottom. We always use glass container for safety reasons. Never use lead crystal, ceramic, or metal containers to ferment kombucha cultures.
- Clean cheese cloth (you can double this up if it seems to thin) or clean T-shirt, cut to size.  You'll need this to keep out bugs.
ladylissa5 years ago
Where did you buy that culture?