Picture of Kombucha Juice
This is an instructable for a juicing recipe that involves fresh juice from fruits, vegetables and kombucha. There are two things you will need to taste this living drink, a juicer, and kombucha. If you've never juiced before I will walk you through the steps we take, from prepping the work station, ingredients, to juicing. If you're an experienced juicer, I encourage you to try your own recipe,  and mix it with kombucha.

                                                                    Table of Contents

1. Prepping the Kitchen
2. The Ingredients
3. Peel, Cut, or Chop Your Fruits!
4. Rinse and De-Stem Your Vegtables
5. Remove the Tops and Bottoms of Carrots and Celery
6. Setting up for Juicing
7. Juicing
8. Compost the Remaining Pulp
9. Pour the Kombucha
10. Add the Juice
11. Cleaning a Omega VRT400
12. Resources
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Step 1: Prepping the Kitchen

Picture of Prepping the Kitchen
Here is what a clean cutting board station may have for cutting, chopping, or peeling fruits and vegetables..
Make sure to organize your tools, and decide locations for cutting and juicing, prior to chopping and cleaning vegetables.

Recommended Tools for Cutting Board Station

-Cutting Board for chopping and cleaning vegetables
-Knives for cutting
-Apple Corer
-Compost Bin(To put into food waste)
-Ingredient Basket or Bowl

Step 2: The Ingredients

Picture of The Ingredients
The juicing portion of this particular drink required these basic Ingredients to make...
-A Juicer!
-One bunch of Siberian Kale
-Two Medium-sized Carrots
-Two Medium-sized Apples
-A Stick of Celery
-One Lemon
-A Small bunch of Swiss chard
-A one-inch cube of Ginger

If you're looking for vegetables, I recommend you go to a local farmers market, or carefully hunt through your mother's garden for vegetables. The best tasting vegetables are fresh from a farmer or your own garden.

Step 3: Peel, Cut, or Chop Your Fruits!

Picture of Peel, Cut, or Chop Your Fruits!
Depending on the Juicer you use, you may need to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces that can be processed.
For the Omega VRT400, we core our Apples and then chop them into smaller pieces.
Lemons are also chopped into smaller pieces. If you want a sweeter lemon flavor you can always keep the rinds on the lemon.
rvt19851 year ago
I never thought about mixing kombucha with fresh juice after the brewing process. This makes me want to get a mother and start brewing again. Very nice pics and explanations! That last picture is my favorite, so pretty!