The 'Ible will come for this soon. In the meantime, here is the video of the completed ball tower.

Feel free to comment.
did you finish the ible??
Well, actually, I haven't started it yet. I've been busy. I plan to make it in the near future, though.
is it the future?
now it is
<p>now it is!</p>
So umm when will the ible come?
Neat little machine, and even though I'm not a big a fan of this music, you've got a skill making it.
It sounds like Age of Empires music.
You think? When I think of AoE music I think of something else, really.
are you going to post?
I plan to next week. I haven't had any time to do things for the last few weeks because I was performing in the pit for a musical and had a lot of things to learn.
Okay, since there's been a general consensus that yes, I should make an Instructable for this, I will do so soon--I have plenty of pics showing how to put it together, so I will do just that soon enough.
omg i cant wait please hurry up xD
Now, now, patience is a virtue. I intend to have it done when I get the chance. Please be patient.
Did you make the music on garage band?
No, I used Finale. Why?
Do you know of a website that I can download a free music making program from?
Musescore is pretty good too.
Try Sibelius?
Okay, I'll look it up, thanks.
I don't. Sorry.

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