Enjoy this Kool-Aid mocktail.  It is made from two flavors made into a mix, and eventually a mocktail.  Pick whichever flavors you would like, this instructable shows grape and strawberry.  
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Step 1: Pick your flavors, and Materials

Picture of Pick your flavors, and Materials
Pick any two flavors of powdered drink mix.  As well as two drink packets, you will need a heaping cup of sugar, a plastic bag, lemon juice, and ice.

Step 2: Make the mix

Add the two packets of powdered drink mix to a plastic bag.  Add one heaping cup sugar.  Mix up the bag until you cannot see any streaks of color in the sugar.  

Step 3: Make a Mocktail- Glass

Obtain a cocktail glass and place two ice cubes in it.  Add one teaspoon lemon juice.  

Step 4: Make a Mocktail- drink

Measure out three heaping teaspoons of mix and add to the glass.  Fill with one cup water.  
mason01904 years ago
I made lemonlime-black cherry-berry mix.
adsandy (author)  mason01904 years ago
mmmm, sounds good
Foaly75 years ago
We already did this in one of my classes! Except we made the koolaid before mixing it together. And we didn't have lemon juice.