Today is one of those gray, dreary days where a little more color is a welcome sight. It's a perfect day for Kool-Aid dyeing wool batts. I've been blending a lot of Suffolk fleece with Icelandic fleece. It makes a fantastic sock wool blend!

There are two things to remember about Kool-Aid: 1. It is a protein dye, meaning that you can dye hair, wool, and silk with it. 2. Wear gloves & safety goggles because it can and will dye your hands and can sting your eyes!!

Step 1: What You Need:

You will need an old, junky pot that you don't cook in anymore;
a medium sized wash basin (critter feed bowl from Fleet Farm);
old ladle or spoon you don't cook with;
pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands from being dyed;
safety glasses or safety goggles
cider vinegar;
1/2 cup measuring cup or liquid measuring cup;
Kool-Aid in the colors you wish to work with - I always figure 1 packet per 2 ounces of fiber I want to dye;
some wool batts (4, 1-ounce batts used here)
Do you know how well the color holds up to washing? Does it work well with cotton fibers? It makes a pretty color! :-)
Kool-Aid holds up very well for washing. As I mentioned in my intro, Kool-Aid is a protein dye. Cotton is a cellulose or vegetable fiber and needs a different type of dye. I highly recommend this for dyeing cotton, bamboo, ramie, hemp, etc. <br><br>http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/3796-AA.shtml?lnav=dyes.html<br><br>T.Leigh

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