Korean Soy-Braised Baby Potatoes





Introduction: Korean Soy-Braised Baby Potatoes

Serves 4

Step 1: Ingredients

1 lb small potatoes (think smaller than a golf ball, more like a ping pong ball size or less.  Trader Joe’s has a 1 lb bag of “teeny tiny potatoes” which is what I used for this)
3 cups water
6 tablespoons soy sauce (I use low sodium)
¼ cup honey
¼ cup sake
5 cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons Korean red chili powder (고추가루) (optional - only add if you like a bit of heat.)

Step 2: Method

In a large, heavy sauce pan, mix together water, soy sauce, honey, sake, garlic, and red chili powder.  Add potatoes.

Place pot on stove uncovered and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat so that the potatoes are simmering and the liquid slowly reduces.  Allow liquid to reduce, stirring occasionally so as to coat the potatoes, until there is a shiny, saucy, almost glaze-like finish on the potatoes.  (This can take between 30-45 minutes).  Remove from heat.

Step 3: Serve

Can be eaten warm, room temperature, or refrigerated and served cold.



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    These look really delicious. Is there a particular brand of cooking sake you prefer over others?

    1 reply

    I just buy a big bottle of ozeki dry sake - which is technically a cheap drinking sake - over a cooking sake. The equivalent is buying a cheap bottle of wine instead of buying cooking wine.

    Hope it turns out!

    unbelievably great recipe. Just made some but didn't have sake, used OJ.

    These look so good! I will have to try this soon.

    They look absolutely fantastic. I think I'll have to give this one a try. :D