Step 11: Boiling Test...

And now the conclusion...

I tested inside house (cca 21C) both solutions and here are results:

In a stove I put 17 ccm alcohol.

Usual pot with 0.5L water starting temperature cca 16C to boiling in  cca 14 minutes... stove burn further cca 3 minutes.

Pot with chimney with 0.5L water starting temperature cca 16C to boiling in cca 13 minutes... stove burn further cca 4 minutes.

Then I collect all parts and sew the Kbag ... it is now ready to pick up and go. 

Sincerely Yours,

All that being said, excellent design and good use of available inexpensive materials. I have recently completed development of my own backpacking cook kit and I have been hunting improvements. I have seen a Kpot before and the idea completely slipped my mind, I will have to see what I can do with it in addition the the stove I built. All in all, good instructable. My hat is off to you sir!
From what I can see of the lid on your "chimney" pot there is one improvement I would recommend. Make the chimney continue through the lid as well. The way that the setup appears now, the steam from the warmed water would tend to force its way back down the chimney reversing the daft or at the very least severely hampering its performance. You will want to have some sort of limiting damper to help keep some of the hot combustion gasses going around the pot as well as up the chimney to make maximum use of the surface area available on the pot for heat transfer.
I just made my first alcohol stove from aluminum cans a few days ago and immediately saw the same need for a compact cooking setup to keep as a kit. I will definitely use many of the features you demonstrated here in my own, especially drilling holes in a circle then cutting to form a holding collar with vents. Thank you for posting!
Looks like russian self heating boiler named samovar.

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