Kraken Pickletini


Introduction: Kraken Pickletini

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Release the Kraken!
What sets this cocktail apart from our usual dirty pickletini is the garnish's tentacles. 

Kraken Pickletini
2 parts dill pickle juice
1 part vermouth
4 parts vodka

Shake over ice and garnish with dill pickle cephalopod (with optional peppercorn eyes)

A drink fit for Cthulhu himself!



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    So Creative and clever! I love it!

    He's too cute to get that sloshed!

    That pickle is too much. I love it!

    LOL! Just seeing this cracked me up!

    Hah ha ha ha! That is clever and hilarious. You get my vote. Just don't ask me to drink it.

    I might do a riff on this idea and have Kraken pickles emerging from potato salad.

    Wow, what a way for pickle to go! Is there an olive inside the pickle?

    Ha! I thought you were using Kraken rum! This is cool.