Picture of Kraken Pickletini
Release the Kraken!
What sets this cocktail apart from our usual dirty pickletini is the garnish's tentacles. 

Kraken Pickletini
2 parts dill pickle juice
1 part vermouth
4 parts vodka

Shake over ice and garnish with dill pickle cephalopod (with optional peppercorn eyes)

A drink fit for Cthulhu himself!
kakmer1 year ago
He's too cute to get that sloshed!
wold6302 years ago
That pickle is too much. I love it!
clewis212 years ago
LOL! Just seeing this cracked me up!
Hah ha ha ha! That is clever and hilarious. You get my vote. Just don't ask me to drink it.

I might do a riff on this idea and have Kraken pickles emerging from potato salad.
JDMac1742 years ago
Wow, what a way for pickle to go! Is there an olive inside the pickle?
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Ha! I thought you were using Kraken rum! This is cool.