Krispy Kreme Donut (Doughnut) Recipe

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I am about to reveal how you can easily make Krispy Kreme donuts (doughnuts?) AT HOME (and make you the most popular person in the neighborhood).  Kiss your diet goodbye, because once you try this super easy recipe, you're going to be hooked.   It's the time you put in to the double rise, and the added ingredient of evaporated milk to the glaze that really make this recipe sing!  

So if you're addicted to Krispy Kreme donuts (like me), but don't have one near you (like me) or just want a fun project to do (like me!), you're going to love this Krispy Kreme Donut Recipe.  

p.s This was my first time making donuts, and it was a huge success!

Step 1: Ingredients

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This recipe makes 3 baker's dozen donuts (that's 39!).  You can scale it down - or up - as you need!

3 (1/4 ounce / 7g) packages yeast (3/4 oz / 21g total) - I used "Rapid Rise" but traditional is fine too - it just affects the rising times
1/2 cup (120ml) water  (105-115F / 40-46C)
2 1/4 cups (530ml) milk, scalded, then cooled
3/4 cup (169g) sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
3 eggs
1/2 cup (113g) shortening
7 1/2 cups (940g) all-purpose flour
canola oil for frying

1/2 cup (113g) butter
3 cups (375g) powdered sugar
2 1/4 teaspoons vanilla
6 -9 tablespoons (90-135ml) evaporated milk (can substitute regular milk or water for milder flavor)

this is a good recipe but speaking from experience (5 years working at krispy kreme baking) I can tell you that the dough is too heavy, it definitely has the right flavor but milk might be the issue, there was no milk in the recipe for the shop. Does anyone know if changing the mill measurements to water would work? That I think might lighten the dough up. Also the glaze recipe is wrong and basically fat fat fat! The actual glaze recipe is much simpler just powdered sugar vanilla and water, no need for butter or milk of any kind. other than that you got super close to the original just need a little tweaking!

fat fat fat! that sounds about right...for all of it!

Are all the measurements correct just change milk to water

do you know what the actual recipe is and the amounts, if so can you tell us

scoochmaroo (author)  readicculus1 year ago
AMAZING! I'm so glad you commented here! I am going to try this out with your recommendations. Swapping water for milk is no problem. And powdered sugar + water is the glaze my mom always uses for everything, so I thought it was too simple! Thank you for weighing in with this.

Add a little Karo syrup to the hot water as well to keep the shine.

I should have said to the powdered sugar and water. Silly me. hot water, Karo syrup, powdered sugar.

hi roo... how can I make my donuts more fluffy?

Did you ever try this using the water in place of the milk? I know this sounds random but I've been trying to get a good dough recipe that's light and fluffy for not only doughnuts but cinnamon rolls as well. Thinking if it works well with water in place of milk this might just be what I'm looking for. Thanks!

i just found this recipe...they came out even better with water!!! This is my go to recipe!!!

sconner13 years ago
does anyone know the reason (read; the science behind) to scald then cool the milk?
why not just use cool milk?
The whey protein in milk can weaken gluten and prevent the dough from rising properly. Scalding the milk deactivates the protein so this doesn't happen.

- http://www.thekitchn.com/scalding-milk-is-it-really-nec-112360
Wild yeasts, those not in the little packet, can alter the texture and flavor of dough. Since pasteurization does not kill all bacteria, scalded and cooled milk is used in many yeast dough recipes.
Flying909s3 years ago
So I stumbled onto your recipe about a week ago and I was almost compelled to make them. Couldn't get them out of my head.
Once I purchased my thermometer and donut cutter I had to give it a try.
It all came together quickly, which is unique for me since I'm not much of a baker. Fried them up and boy did they turn out good!!!! Warm and gooey.
A little more dense than KK but thats probably something I did.
Thanks for the 'Ible!
scoochmaroo (author)  Flying909s3 years ago
Holy shizzle, those look amazing. As I mentioned, I let mine rise way longer than I should have. But maybe that's the secret!
I think so too, based on this comment, I let mine rise wayyyyyy longer and it turned out well. Agreed, these look amazing, I should get me a donut cutter and thermometer for perfect results.
Jakdupcoach2 years ago
OMG!! I totally just made these and let me tell you... this is definately the perfect recipe. Right down to the perfect amazing glaze and that soft Krispy Kreme, melt in your mouth, I can eat 6 in a minute donut that we all know and LOVE. The only thing I did differently is to let the dough rise longer and only fried for 30 seconds.
scoochmaroo (author)  Jakdupcoach2 years ago
30 secs per side.
Jakdupcoach2 years ago
I... can't... stop...
Made my 2nd batch this weekend, did a few things different this time. Mainly just kneaded the dough in the mixer until it made a nice ball that cleaned the sides of the bowl, then transfered the dough to another bowl and allowed to rise until double size, turned out onto the floured surface and cut the doughnuts and laid them on a sheet pan covered with parchment. Then I put the cut doughnuts and holes IN THE FREEZER! Now I can pull the FROZEN DOUGHNUT SEEDS however many I'd like to make, out of the freezer, put them in my oven to thaw and proof for about and hour and VIOLA! fresh HOT Doughnuts whenever I like! Oh yeah, the extra glaze freezes too!
scoochmaroo (author)  swampstomper3 years ago
Awesome, awesome tip!
peetle3 years ago
I actually made 2 baker's dozen and it was perfect. The recipe also scales down nicely in increments of 1/3.

I can heartily confirm their deliciousness, but somehow I feel like I might have been better off not knowing how they're made, if you catch my drift...
rpb made it!yesterday

Before and after!


I made these tonight and they were great, thanks for the recipe.

I made a one-third size recipe and ended up with 12 doughnuts and about 25 holes (I used the leftover dough to make holes rather than to eat raw or test the oil temp ;-)

The dough was very (very) wet, however (maybe my eggs were larger than yours?) so I ended up adding 55g more flour (about 15% more than a 1/3 recipe). I also found I had to fry them for more than one minute each side to get them cooked right - I probably ended up with two minutes a side in the end, at 170–180C (using a thermometer).

Delicious though!

PaulH479 days ago
MohamedS6211 days ago
Hi, since everyones talking about a fluffy donut, heres a tip. I found a couple of years ago a recipe that includes baked potatoes. Gives super awesome fluffiness. However i lost it and havent been able to find it. But im going to try this recipe, and i'll definitely add two baked potatoes, dont think milks the problem...i'm talking about airy cloud fluffiness, that recipe was awesome, ofcourse i did make adjustments.. That was the problem. I lost the one i made. Back to the drawing board, but only after tasting this recipe with potatoes. Thanks for the post ^_^
iphy15 days ago
Am loving this,a must try for me,thanks for sharing.
RafaelB1317 days ago

Hello my question is are these donuts suppose to become tough if not eaten? I leave it for a little bit when I finish cooking and they become tough when served only soft when it's out of the deep fryer. Thanks hope you could help

RafaelB1317 days ago
ShuhuiA made it!20 days ago

I let the donut rise the full one hour and another 45 mins during the 2nd rise and the donut is super light. Luv them :D

I added 1tbsp green tea powder to the sugar glaze for a different taste. Will definitely be doing this again!

razou3 months ago
ive tried this nd it was fine but if u want to have that fluffy empty donuts u always dream of just add 2 large spoons of whipped cream powder to ur dough! u know the one we use for cake...u wont believe the result
evone razou1 month ago

where do you buy whipped cream powder? I have never heard of it. I have heard of dream whip:)

Scalding the milk is to kill the enzyme to let your dough rise.


Do you add the yeast to the milk as your scalding it?

evone LorettaP11 month ago

No the milk would be way to hot and kill the yeast.

evone1 month ago
LeoneB2 months ago

well, I have tried this recipe twice now, and twice it has failed. I cant get the dough to rise AT ALL.. I even purchased fresher yeast for the 2nd time thinking that might be the problem... :(

Maybe the water isn't warm or is too warm. Water should be between 105-115 F. You better use a thermometer because wrong temperature might kill your yeast or won't activate it


khall92 months ago

made doughnuts, but didn't have everything for glaze. So we used powdered sugar and also made cinnamon sugar...yum!

khall92 months ago
ltomburke2 months ago
Sound great ill.have to try them
LiveCrafts2 months ago


ChrisS383 months ago
jeralyne3 months ago

hello can someone tell me or knows the ingredients of donuts glazed? the paste that was use for the topping "?

FoodLuvBites3 months ago

I'm so trying this. How long can I store them in the fridge after making them? or will freezing them work to?

Elle Elle3 months ago
Can I substitute the shortening for oil?
WhitneyF14 months ago

Maybe somebody already mentioned this, but I read the first 40 comments and didn't see it. I made a batch of these, and because I'm allergic to eggs I did a third of it with egg replacer. They're quite a bit lighter than the other ones. So I think not only the milk but also the egg is creating the heaviness of the dough. I just used Ener-G Egg Replacer, which is basically corn starch. They are amazing.

char.boysen4 months ago
My kids have never had a Krispy Kream donut, ever!!!! They love this recipe they said these are the best donuts they have ever had!!! My oldest is 14 and loves them.
angie.hawker4 months ago

I made the dough with water and thinner than the recipe. Dough was too soft to cut but donuts turned out just as soft as KK

Nicole Tan 4 months ago
What if we dont have a mixer?

Can i know what kind of milk do u use for the donuts? Fresh milk?

KhuLett2 years ago
Hi i love krispy kreme donuts but i can only eat 2pcs (even if i wanted some more) since its kinda sweet.
Seeing this recipe of yours make me wanna try making my own donuts and make it a not too sweet donuts. Specially the glaze. Now i just want to ask if it is possible to lessen the amount of powdered sugar in making the glaze without affecting the texture. Hope to hear from you soon thanks a lot :D

I made some thing like that a few days ago....just melt some butter until it's slightly brown, stir in a little (very little) sugar and mix until smooth then stir in sweetened condensed milk and some vanilla extract.....I didn't measure anything but I guess it was about 1 stick butter, 2-3tbsp white sugar, 1 can condensed milk, and 1tsp vanilla extract....hope this helps

Do you have to use shortening? And is that what they use in the KK recipe
PaulaT16 months ago

To add a little pizzazz add some orange flavoring to the icing. Mm-good!

LexiM6 months ago

That makes me hungry.

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

So I copied and pasted and then made some changes according to the suggestions in the comments. Here is what I came up with. Tell me what ya'll think!

Krispy Kreme Donuts Copycat Recipe

This recipe makes 3 baker's dozen donuts (that's 39!).
You can scale it down - or up - as you need!


  • 3 (1/4 ounce) packages yeast (3/4 oz or 1.5 Tablespoons)
  • 1/2 cup water (105-115 F°)
  • 2 1/4 cups water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup shortening
  • 7 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • Canola oil for frying


Hot water

Powdered sugar


*Karo syrup


Proof your yeast by adding it to the 1/2 cup warm water.
Mix it up and let it rest.

Combine yeast, 2 1/4 cups water, sugar, salt, eggs,
shortening and 3 cups flour. Beat on low for 30 seconds, scraping bowl
constantly. Beat on medium speed for 2 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally.

Carefully stir in remaining flour until smooth.

Cover and
let rise until doubled in size, at least 30-60 minutes, depending on the yeast
you used (rapid rise or regular).

Once risen, turn dough onto floured surface; roll around
lightly to coat with flour.

Gently roll dough 1/2-inch thick with floured rolling pin.

Cut with floured doughnut cutter. Separate donuts
and holes, as they take different frying times (but are equally delicious). Save
your scraps - they are both great to test your fry time and to snack on while
you're making the rest!

Cover and let rise until double, at least 30-40
minutes. (The longer you let them rise, the fluffier/lighter they will

**If you
want to make these donuts for breakfast, let the donuts rise in the
refrigerator overnight!***

For the Glaze

Whisk the
powdered sugar into the hot water. Add the vanilla. Add a bit of karo syrup for
that Krispy-Kremey shine.

Use a deep pan to heat the oil.

Heat your oil to 350 F°. A thermometer makes this part
fool-proof, and you can monitor the heat to make sure it stays in this prime
frying range. I like to use a scrap of donut first to test different frying

Carefully place the donuts in the oil. Cook on each
side for about one minute. Use a slotted spoon to flip the donuts and
remove them from the oil.

Even after you take the donut out of the oil, the
remaining oil on it is hot enough to continue cooking it!

Place donuts
on a rack, paper bags, or paper towels to drain.

he-jamz7 months ago

Use a bread enhancer if you want to make it softer.

edehvi8 months ago

Hi, we tried making these donuts. They turned out great in appereance. Howeverr, when it came to the taste, it tasted too much like bread. It also lacked some of the distinct fluffy texture that donuts should have. What could be the reason for this?

gmcec8 months ago
well since everyone is decided to share the simple twist I figured I would share mine when it comes to the glaze I take three cups of bakers sugar a quarter cup of butter and 5 ounces of water and bring it all to a nice hefty rolling boil fully dissolved the sugar get it completely melted down stirring it regularly over medium heat and just one I feel its right about there ice training one can of sweetened condensed milk and vanilla flavouring to tastealso her she's naturally unsweetened cocoa for bakingstores in quite nicely to make a chocolate glaze adjust amount for your flavor
Dave Post made it!8 months ago

Okay, well, I kind of made them, but what I made tastes nothing like Krispy Kreme. but are still very tasty and worth making again. :)

I tried to halve the size since I don't have lots of people to eat them nor a big kitchen to cook them in. The biggest issue I had while making them is the amount of flour. Scaling to half would require 1 1/2 eggs, which isn't really possible, so I used two. I knew I'd have to add more flour, but it seems like I had to use WAY more than 3 3/4 cups. I don't have a stand mixer, so I started with a whisk, then progressed to a wooden spoon. But well beyond 4 cups of flour, the dough was still very very sticky. Could you give us a better description of what the dough should look and feel like when ready to rise? I only have experience making bread, so that's what I was going for, but then I decided to leave it on the sticky side in case that's what they are supposed to be like.

Next, the dough wouldn't rise. I don't have access to Rapid Rise where I am. so I used just standard active dry yeast. But even after two hours, there was very little rise. It was late, so I put the bowl into the fridge to stop the yeast. When I woke, it hadn't changed at all. But before I went out for a few hours, I microwaved some water then replaced the cup with my bowl of dough to have a warm damp place to party. And that worked well, ... too well actually. When I got back the dough more than doubled. :(

I turned it out onto a floured surface (still very sticky), but wasn't sure how much to handle it. Please add some more details to this step. Do you fold the dough and roll it out several times, for example?

I cut the donuts and placed them on parchment paper (Knowing what size cutter you use would be helpful). They were very soft at this time and remained so until cooking. How do you manage to place the donuts in the oil without them stretching. My dough was very soft and sticky. Some detailed instruction would be helpful here as well.

I managed to get the less than pretty donuts into the oil to cook. While 350F is the stated temperature, that was very very difficult for me to maintain on an electric stove. Even so, I found the donuts to be crispy on the outside. I worry taking them out sooner would leave the insides raw. What color outside do you aim for when cooking and turning your donuts?

The glaze I feel has too much vanilla compared to Krispy Kreme. Again, nothing wrong with the glaze, I just feel it doesn't taste like KK. I might try adding more butter and less vanilla next time to get closer to the mark.

The final product tasted okay, although a little bit yeasty. This was my first attempt at making donuts, and I"m happy I have tried. I think next time I will use the microwave again to raise the dough and handle it a little more while rolling it out to make stiffer donuts.

Caroline_0079 months ago

Came out great! We added some sugar and cinnamon on the warm donuts and it tastes incredible!

Sounds like an amazing recipe, but how did you get the recipe? Trial and error? Did you used to work there?
Basmaty9 months ago

I am going to try this recipe out and share the pics :)

Yum. My husband said, "Krispy Kreme ain't got nothing on my Krispy Queen."... Whatever that means, lol.
AzharM10 months ago

Hi Wanted to know after a few hours after frying donuts why does it become soggy is there something to add so it does not become soggy

S.S1 AzharM9 months ago

Fried items get soggy/greasy when the oil is too cool. Try turning it up a few degrees.

JackieW9 months ago

Holy moley...this recipe is AWESOME!! I have been making doughnuts for years and these are the best!!

AvaJ9 months ago

Thanks for the recipe! going off my diet this weekend! www.greendietpills.com

piotrek.sliwa9 months ago

Can I use this recipe in the Donut Robot?

Zrzut ekranu 2014-11-05 o 11.48.30.png
cakelady200011 months ago

I'm missing something in the very beginning...I thought even if you use Rapid Rise, you still have to use sugar...mine failed two times last night, I refuse to give up! Help me with the amout of water and the yeast issue. Exactly how much water, not using milk and how to proof the yeast

proof the yeast in water half cup of water you are put that water a half cup water that all for 10min sugar is for glaze

Are you letting the yeast and water sit? Yeast needs to be activate, whether you are using Rapid Rise or regular. It takes about 5-10 minutes and foams when it has activated. If you use straight milk, you are basically killing the yeast, hence the need to scald it. Sugar is used to feed yeast if you want to make more yeast aka to grow more yeast.

amanda.garibay.3 made it!10 months ago

AWESOME Recipe!! I didn't have any milk at the time so I went on ahead and replaceded the milk with water. I also halved the recipe and still turned out great!!! Dough was EXTREMELY delicate... When rolling them out I placed them on a greased sheet to rise, and they came off easy when frying. My husband took about a dozen with him on a work trip and I still have half the dough for myself!!! :)

ataliabaltazar10 months ago

I just finished making these donuts. I must say they do taste great. My yeast is past its due, and I used just 2 tsps per third of the recipe. I added 2 cups ++ more flour to this recipe because of my semi dead yeast and added cornstarch to the flour. Because with this recipe my dough wasn't workable at all sticky to say the least and not rising at first but instead of throwing it away, I decided to continue the process and just try to finish it. I added more flour until it can separate from the bowl and placed the whole dough into a clean bowl and let it rise for one hour. Its my first time making a donut and I used a large vienna sausage can to cut donuts and punched a hole in the middle and let these rise for less than an hour. They stick to the wax paper and I destroyed their shape when I picked them up. I don't have a thermometer and I was frying on charcoal stove because I ran out of gas. My donuts expanded some more when I fried them. O my gosh they are huge, think saucer size. I should have used a glass to cut them and I should have rolled them thinner before cutting them. I didn't have any luck with the glaze because powdered sugar is rare and expensive here and I didn't want to open a can of evaporated milk for just a couple of tablespoons. I do not regret trying this recipe. Hopefully I can do it again next time, I think I am addicted.

AzharM10 months ago

Hi Wanted to know after a few hours after frying donuts why does it become soggy is there something to add so it does not become soggy

babycatcher4u10 months ago

Followed the directions and they turned out perfect. Heaven.

larryw210 months ago

thanks much larry from texas trying my first batch tomorrow plan on opening donut shop

Chef Tim1 year ago

Hey guys and gals, This is a great recipe. to address the issue of being heavy or doughy, yes allowing them to rise higher is part of a solution. And milk actually makes dough lighter not heavier. But, one of the best things you can do to make the lightest, fluffiest and crispiest donut is to substitute 1/3 of the all purpose flour with cake flour. :)

creenzie Chef Tim11 months ago

Hi Chef Tim this maybe a stupid question but what is cake flour is it self raising flour ?

creenzie creenzie11 months ago

Its ok i just found the answer ...for anyone in Australia here is Nigella Lawson's answer to cake flour


I have seen some recipes using cake flour. I can't get this in Australia, should I use self-raising flour or plain flour instead?

Posted by groovynanny. Answered on 18th Sep 2012 at 12.00


Cake flour is most commonly seen in American recipes. It is a finely milled, very low protien flour (usually 8-10% protien levels) which is used for cakes. It is also bleached, which affects the flour by causing the flour molecules to repel liquid, bind fats more efficiently and stabilize the gas bubbles produced by the raising agents. Theses factors can give a cake which rises more and has a fluffy, tender texture, particularly in cakes that have a high proportion of sugar in the recipe.

Most cake flour does not contain raising agents so is not self-raising, though one or two brands are "self-rising" which can cause confusion. Usually you can tell from the recipe - if the recipe states just "cake flour" and it includes raising agents such as baking powder and/or bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) then flour will be the "plain" (or "all-purpose") type.

The US edition of Nigella's book How To Be A Domestic Goddess does include "self-rising cake flour" in some recipes and in these particular recipes you can use regular UK or Australian self-raising flour.

Bleached flour is banned in Europe and Australia (we understand this is for health reasons). For most cake recipes using cake flour (non-self raising) you can use plain flour, or some people like to add cornflour (cornstarch) to help reduce the protien content. For 1 cup plain flour remove 2 tablespoons of flour and replace this with 2 tablespoons cornflour - in metric terms use 105g plain flour plus 20g cornflour per 125g flour in the recipe.

For plain flour you can usually tell the protien content from the nutritional information on the packaging and you could search out lower protien brands for cakes. The UK now has a product called "sponge flour" which is self-raising so should not normally be used as a substitute for American cake flour.

brandonl141 year ago
What is shortening in Australia ?
And is all purpose flour just plain flour
And what is the name brand of the yeast u used?

Shortening is fat derived from vegetable oils. The brand is called Criso in the US.

I've heard of a similar product in AU called Copha. That might do the trick.

As for all-purpose flour, it's just plain flour. Nothing special, just ground wheat.

CorinaR quader411 months ago

copha says its vegetable shorting on the ingredients it says hardened coconut oil and soya bean lecithin does that sound correct for the crisco shortening

quader4 CorinaR11 months ago

Yep, that'll do the trick

creenzie quader411 months ago

thanks quader4

nicole.simpson.1481 made it!1 year ago

This recipe was awesome and delicious! My husband said it tastes just like Krispy Kreme. I made 1/3 of the recipe and it made exactly 13 donuts.

shah931 year ago

Dear i need some help.

I am going to open a donuts shop in France and I want to know, for what we use yeast raised donuts and baked donuts?

I want to buy the robot donuts, but I cant put inside the yeast raised donuts! So I have to use a proofer etc. But what will be the difference between these two methods?

About the robot, where I can find good recipies?


Bonjour Shah,

was reading your comment with interest, thinking of doing the same in the pays bas.

I have found adresses for the robots if you're interested. Have you started your shop yet?

frankota made it!1 year ago

I can verify these are delicious, and they will all be eaten within 24 hours.

Chef Nev1 year ago
I have been a Pastry Chef for the last 8 years and this recipe is ONE of THE BEST!
billjoh1 year ago

Chef Willard

Answer to Readicculs you say you worked at Krispy Kreme at all the franchised bakery's they use powdered ingredients then you use water to mix them up. They do use powdered milk. The reason they do this is to keep recipes the same and ease of shipping. Yes you do get lighter dough with milk not water, think about pie dough that you use just cold water that makes the dough tighter than say a cake or doughnut recipe.

Also you can try just a little baking powder to make them lighter. I do like the way every one does experiment with recipes on this page that's wonderful.

In answer to you glaze recipe I have been making glaze for over 53 yeas (I'm 73) and I just use powdered sugar small amount of butter not to much makes your glaze yellow if to much can use shortening ins-ted of butter, small amount of cold water then ad just a little evaporated milk and vanilla.

But remember there is no measuring ingredients to making glaze Start with powdered sugar then ad very small amounts as you mix and mash just as it gets to the point where its like cake frosting then ad just small amount of evaporated milk keep adding small amounts tell you get the right glaze constancy to give it body.

About to make these in the morning. Can I use butter instead of shortening? I will post how they come out. :)

Hey Schoochmaroo

to start off i love your recipes they are all so cool
it just so happens i put up a recipe for homemade doughnuts just yesterday, they don't look as fancy as yours though!
You're Aussie what did u use instead of shortening and is all purpose flour just plain flour?
You're Aussie what did u use instead of shortening and is all purpose flour just plain flour?
Ocean2051 year ago

YUM . For every one looking for the 1/3 portion ingredient of this exact recipe . watch this step by step video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qym3DVw7c_s

donottrack1 year ago

was great

mrr36871 year ago

I am doing it now. Hope everything goes well.

mrr36871 year ago
jtan381 year ago
hello! is it alright if i could share this recipe on my blog? :) i will give the link back to this page!


Just made these! They were amazing! The dough was a little too dense for me to roll out (too small of a kitchen, to roll anything out!) so I made donut "holes"! They were great! I didn't have vanilla, so I put a few dashes of cinnamon in the glaze, and it was amazing! I definitely recommend everyone to try them!
14, 9:46 PM.jpg14, 9:46 PM.jpg
x2percentmilk made it!1 year ago

Having never fried anything before or worked with a yeast/dough, I was a little nervous attempting this. Cut this recipe down by thirds last night and made it for the first time - nervous that I was messing up each step - but they came out wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. I used a different glaze (1/4 milk + 2 cups confectioners sugar + 1 teaspoon vanilla) but followed your dough. The doughnuts were incredible warm, and held up perfectly well wrapped up overnight for breakfast.


I made these today!! :) I did a third of the recipe for starters and although I promised out some to my boyfriend and other people... >_> it's not looking like they'll be getting any! Lol! I am yet to glaze the actual donuts but the heart-shaped holes I dusted with some cinnamon sugar. In a word; DELICIOUS!! I love that the dough itself is not very sweet so that allows me to experiment with slightly sweeter glazes like perhaps an Amaretto spiked glaze. [giddy at the thought of the endless possibilities! :)

Fantastic! Do share your successful glaze experiments!

Delish doughnuts
14, 8:33 PM.jpg14, 8:33 PM.jpg

Delish Doughnuts I just made 1 dozen and were amazing. I do need work on the glaze though.

Smushles1 year ago

ummm what did i do? so people where saying to use water instead of scolded then cooled milk, so i did, i used the exact same amount of water instead of milk. Should i have? Also i didn't read the instructions properly and i put in the flour all at once instead of gradually, eek! Is this bad or is it alright?

iv left them for an hour an they are still completely liquid!!!! HELP!

Well done! These look fantastic. I think I'm going to trythem with sprinkles and coconut.

Chimayz1 year ago
Hey there @scoochmaroo! Thanks for the recipe! I just wanted to ask you how much glaze you made. After reading the comments, I've decided that I'll make the glaze using just icing sugar, water and vanilla. Obviously this will give me less glaze even if I use the same amount of sugar and water. So I would like to know how much you made so I can adapt my recipe. Thanks in advance.

Btw, if anyone else wants to respond to this question, I'd appreciate the help! :)
robinjade31 year ago
I am making these for the second time. Breakfast Christmas morning and my whole family is excited! This recipe is amazing and thank you so much for sharing!!! Merry Christmas!
GeeBoo1 year ago
What have I done??? I can't get these out of my head! These are worth the effort (which didn't seem so much as I thought it would be).
I only did 1/3 of a batch as there are only 3 adults in our household. I hadn't even finished frying the lot and I look around to find the plate practically empty! I hadn't even tried any and my husband had 5 already....next time I'm making it when no one is around!
I used Ghee as the shortening as that is all I had. They were great!
Are u an Indian?
I can't sleep so I am making these for the herd in the morning. I hope they enjoy them! (Providing I do everything correct!) ;)
Gillidog11 year ago
Have you tried to make a Texas donut?
crateyc7_a1 year ago
Could someone help me with recipe conversions? I want to half this recipe. There is no way I could eat 39 doughnuts.
Bobey1 year ago
crateyc7_a1 year ago
I need help with conversions!!! I don't want it to come out blah... can someone check my math? By the way the ( ) are what the original recipe calls for

0.375 ounce Rapid rise yeast (3/4 )
1/4 cup boiling water (1/2 cup)
1 cup + 2 tablespoons milk (scaled,then cooled) (2 1/4 cup)
1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar (3/4 cup)
3/4 teaspoon salt (1 1/2 teaspoons)
2 eggs (3 none)
1/4 cup shortening (1/2 cup)
3 3/4 cups all purpose flour (7 1/2 cup)
I want half the recipe..
tcornish11 year ago
Great recipe, in contrast to some other opinions, this is a cracker of a recipe. Could even be FOOLPROOF! lol. Made the dough last night, and as it was getting late, put it in the fridge to finish in the morning. Didnt have time to cook them, so took it out, punched it down and put it back in the fridge, Recommenced about 4.00 pm, the dough didnt seem to have risen much, rolled it out cut out the rings, put them aside to rest, after an hour! they hadnt risen much, but felt soft. popped them in the deep fryer thinking I would be eating hard donuts, but they popped up beautifully!
Oh forgot to mention, I used UHT milk, straight from the box! and forgot at the time that the butter should have been at room temp, mine came stright from the fridge into the mixer, was a bit of a lumpy dough, this recipe isn't foolproof, its bombproof!!!!!
yum, and a big thanks for this recipe!
abrox1 year ago
I need help with the glaze I never get it right its always sticky and never dry's!!plz someone help......
Use pure confectioners sugar, check the pack to see there is no flour in it. Melt the butter, turn the heat off, add the sifted sugar. It should be so thick that you think that the butter wont absorb any more sugar, then add the milk, a tablespoon at a time. test it to see how runny it is, also wait till the donuts have cooled a little, if they are too warm the glaze runs off!
schwacr1 year ago
I cut the recipe to 1/3 and it worked great. I used a "silpat" non stick pad to raise my donuts on. Also i think one package of fast raise yeast was too much as the donuts did taste slightly yeasty. Would life be as good without donuts? I think not.
A few more observations: canola oil works better then vegetable oil as I got too much browning from vegetable, butter is ok instead of shortening in the dough, cake flour made the donuts better at room temp and all purpose flour donuts were gooder warm, the dough can "proof" for up to 12 hours but once you form donuts start frying as soon as they are ready usually under 1 hour and glaze the donuts when they are warm and the glaze is warm. And I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to scoochmaroo for posting this recipe, great job.
Lilly27683 years ago
Can someone please answer my questio? How to tranfer the donuts to fryer without deflating? I really love this recipe, the taste is delicious but not sucesful when fruing the. I'll appreciate your reply.
i just put them on wax paper and gently picked them up and gently put them in the oil and they did not deflate i hope that helped :)
I read a comment on a similar recipe on Allrecipes that suggested placing the donuts on a square of waxed paper that has been sprayed with Pam or cooking oil. After the donuts have risen and you're ready to transfer them to the fryer, pick up the waxed paper carefully by the edges and gently let the donut slide into the hot oil. They said their attempts to move the donuts with a spatula resulted in the donut falling and having a heavy texture when cooked,. Hope their tip helps! :-)
sandyr2 years ago
Came across this recipe today and they look wonderful! Unfortunately, there is only ingredients and no instructions :-(
julls04 sandyr1 year ago
if you go below right before the comments there is a view all steps page which includes pictures and steps
julls041 year ago
these came out amazing! although the glaze never hardened it was more of a sticky maybe thats what it was supposed to do not sure i let them drip over night and didnt set maybe this how there supposed to be i used 8tbs of evap milk so it should of been ok. but i love this recipe! doing the chocolate ones next. i dont have a stand mixer so i mixed this by hand, also i have no donut cutter so i used a cup that was perfectly round maybe bigger than recommended size because i only got 21 donuts out of it, and i used a little kids cup that had small lip for the holes. ty so much for posting this!
Bojoe281 year ago
Unbelievable!!! Made them last night and will distribute between family members today. Have made several attempts over the years to make doughnuts but this IS THE BEST. For any Aussies viewing my comment, Copha is a good substitute for shortening. Thank you Scoochmaroo for this great recipe and instructional.
indywave2 years ago
Your a (evil) Guinness. Lol. Thank you for the donut recipe
fritzilim2 years ago
Hi! I only have instant yeast which is diretly added to the flour, can i use this instead and just add 1/2 cup water to the mixture? Thanks
crisco/shortening is just lard which is made from vegetable oil. so lard could be a substitute.
sharp7862 years ago
Um in the uk I don't recognise some of the brands on ingredient can you list them
mentfeeders2 years ago
I was originally trying to reply to the comment asking about scalding milk. When making breads, scalding milk serves a purpose that many don't realize. Whey protein (in unscalded milk) will weaken the gluten and therefore your bread will not rise as well. By scalding the milk you break down the whey protein and it will not weaken your gluten, resulting in better dough.
ihussen2 years ago
There's no point trying to teach me how to cook, the only time I am going to learn how to cook is once I have my own place >:-(, I regret not learning how to cook at university, shame what a waste I could have learnt so many things
ihussen ihussen2 years ago
instead I had to spent the money buying the lastest laptop or the best trainers in the market or the latest phone
I love donuts! Thnxs for the idea!
Mkarima, shortening can be substituted for butter (but not in frying). As for canola oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, or safflower oil will be fine. Try visiting a speciality baking store. Shortening isn't really sold where I live, but I found it in a baking store. However, I suggest butter as it works just as fine and can save you a trip.
Mmmm... This is now my go-to donut recipe! First time me and my sis made donuts, we failed. But when we tried this... success :D We basically inhaled them down, especially the holes. The glaze is to die for. If we could, we could've slurped it down. So the second time we made this, we just shaped them into donut holes instead. Then we discovered we were out of oil save for a small tub (1/4 used) tub of crisco and about a cup or 1/2 cup oil left. So there was 1/2 inch of oil in the pot I think? Anyways, I tried to "deep-fry" them. Thank god the oil was just enough for the donut holes to float. So, in case you run out of oil like me... about an inch of oil will do, if your donuts aren't that thick or if you're only making small shapes. BTW- in the first batch, we didn't have crisco so we substituted butter (just a note for all you people in asia whose supermarkets don't really sell shortening)

Thank you Scoochmaroo for sharing this recipe. It's so fluffy and not too sweet... just what I crave. They don't have chain donuts in the (country? I live in China, Hong Kong). So I guess the nearest shops would be in Japan or Korea... that's the only time I can get Dunkin' :( To be honest, I've never tried Krispy Kreme.

I think these are the best donuts I've ever eaten! Thanks again!
mkarima2 years ago
I live in the uk n I cant find shortening and canola oil anywhere. I s there any other name or alternatives for them?
Angyee2 years ago
So I made these though I made a few bloopers - oil too hot poured all flour in at once -and they still came out really good. Oh and like you, I let mine rise for much longer so it will a little fluffy. As for storing them, I put them in an airtight bowl that had a cover, put some Clingfilm over the top of the bowl and then placed the cover on top. It seemed to work well for me, no mushiness and when I wanted to have some just nuked it for like 15 mins in the microwave, wasn't as good as fresh but was almost there!

And did I mention I have never been that much a fan of donuts? I actually am looking forward to my next attempt at these :D.
Blenda20092 years ago
I just made today,,woww it turned out so good...it really taste like the original krispy kreme,,thanks a lot to the uploader,,it made my day,,tahnk you thank you...
nflybye2 years ago
Great recipe.
MB-DK2 years ago
omg I'm so excited right now! I moved to Europe a number of years ago and REALLY miss my KK donuts! I just got done with all prep and am now waiting for the donuts and holes to rise so can begin frying! Can't wait to let you know how they turn out! Thank u for posting this recipe! Stay tuned...
eschuetz2 years ago
What is the exact amount of flour you end up using in this recipe? I had to add at least a cup extra to make a workable dough. Even then it was quite sticky. Please let me know. This recipe was fabulous! I've never had a glazed doughnut that I liked until now. Great instructable!
Glazed Doughnut.jpg
ss30002 years ago
Great donuts, but I do plan on using wax or parchment paper next time to pick them as they are rather fragile once they have risen. And for those of you that do not have a cutter no worries. I do not have one, after I rolled out the dough I cut it into long strips that I cut shorter. For regular round donuts I just took a strip and made a loop and pinched the ends together. You can also take the strips and twist them or braid or just drop them in and make donut sticks.
kerrys love2 years ago

Dissolve yeast in warm water in 2 1/2-quart bowl.
Add milk, sugar, salt, eggs, shortening and 2 cups flour.
Beat on low for 30 seconds, scraping bowl constantly.
Beat on medium speed for 2 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally.
Stir in remaining flour until smooth.
Cover and let rise until double, 50-60 minutes.
(Dough is ready when indentation remains when touched.) Turn dough onto floured surface; roll around lightly to coat with flour.
Gently roll dough 1/2-inch thick with floured rolling pin.
Cut with floured doughnut cutter.
Cover and let rise until double, 30-40 minutes.
Heat vegetable oil in deep fryer to 350°.
Slide doughnuts into hot oil with wide spatula.
Turn doughnuts as they rise to the surface.
Fry until golden brown, about 1 minute on each side.
Remove carefully from oil (do not prick surface); drain.
Dip the doughnuts into creamy glaze set on rack then when slightly cooled spread chocolate frosting on top.
Dip in sprinkles or other toppings after chocolate if desired.
Creamy Glaze: Heat butter until melted.
Remove from heat.
Stir in powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth.
Stir in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, until desired consistency.
Chocolate Frosting: Heat butter and chocolate over low heat until chocolate is melted. Remove from heat.
Stir in powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth.
Stir in water 1 tablespoon at a time, until desired consistency.
I mean PDF version when I say printed version.
Hi Scoochmaroo,
I really liked those donuts. However, on the first try, I started the recipe following the metric measures with my scale as I always do when doing pastry. I printed the recipe and I did not notice that metric measurements are not the same in the print version and in the online version. Metrics in the printed version are not accurate. Example : 1/2 cup of butter is not 227gr but 115gr (big difference). After noticing that, I switch to the cups measurements that are correct but I put too much shortening in the dough (printed version say 227gr instead of 115gr). I think that there is a problem with this site with recipe versions management (printed vs online).
who throws out there donut scraps anyway??!!!
rbebamash2 years ago
Awesome Recipe! This was my first attempt, & they turned out most excellent.
thohi2 years ago
hi!! :)... can I please know how much I have to put these ingredients to make about 15 donuts. I'm very new to this......hope to get a reply sooon...by the way I really love this site..thank you..:)
skitchybabe2 years ago
If your yeast doesn't want to rise, first make sure the water isn't too hot and second add about a teaspoon of sugar to the water and yeast. Haven't made these yet but certainly going to soon.
stevehop12 years ago
that recipe is awesome, i have looked everywhere for a good glaze recipe... as for the doughnut part, i've found that you can take pillsbury basic buscuits and either cut them in half or leave them whole, and put them in a fryer at 350 degrees flipping them after about 2 minutes then frying for another 2 on the other side. after they come out you can use the glaze detailed here, or use chocholate gonash, or dredge in sugar or cinnamon and sugar...
eve19d2 years ago
What is shortening?
alara9 eve19d2 years ago
shorting is just like butter but dont eat it plain and its just fat u can find it at ur local store It is also called criso
alara92 years ago
I am so excited to make this fun recipe
rush_elixir2 years ago
I have a question, when dipping your donuts in the glaze is it still hot or you cool them off a little bit before dipping them in the glaze. thanks
PennieV2 years ago
Just made your donuts and they are great! So easy ! They are light and fluffy. I added another cup of flour, and the dough was still sticky but I choose to deal with that instead of adding more flour. I made the right choice because the flour gets added when you roll out the dough . I also got 56 donuts and they were nice sized, I love your recipe .
BOBTHEBAKER2 years ago
If you are having trouble with yeast, try using filtered or distilled water. My city water was killing my yeast.
natan3582 years ago
My first attempt wasn't so good. I scaled down the quantity but the doughnuts turned out quite dense. I also needed to add more flour than suggested on the recipe. The bread was very yeasty too. I used active dried yeast and it wasn't expired.

My second attempt was passable but nowhere near as fluffy as I wanted. I used banana extract in the dough to take away the yeasty flavor. The dough took way longer than 2 hours to rise the 1st time and didn't rise so much the second time around. I had to add more flour than suggested this time round too.

I used different packets of yeast each time but both times the dough ended up quite dense. What am I doing wrong?
Kapurnicus2 years ago
This is my first time baking. I've tried it twice and could not get the yeast to rise either time. I end up making glazed gross bricks. I let the yeast proof for a few minutes and make sure the milk is cooled down so it doesnt kill the yeast. Does anyone have a step by step for this method for someone who didn't know yeast existed two days ago. I seem to be doing something wrong here. It is the same brand rapid rise yeast you use and its brand new (expires 2014).
QUESTION: when covering the first time should it be air tight? Then how do you cover them after you have the dough cut?
teddy8882 years ago
Awesome recipe! I`d put a little less vanilla extract (that`s just my taste). I`d also suggest to let the eggs reach room temperature before they`re mixed in. For those who say their doughnuts deflate - you must have a gentle but quick touch to move them from the parchment paper to the hot oil - keep them low to the surface before you release to avoid splashing. Also remember to spread them out for the second rise as they will cling to surrounding dough and make it difficult to remove them.

Delishcus!! Thank you for the recipe! With Christmas around the corner these will be a total hit!!

Cookmeister2 years ago
for anyone wondering you can leave your extra dough and use the next day always keeping it fresh:)
Cookmeister2 years ago
I am 14 years old and made these doughnuts 2 days ago everyone in my family fell in love with them , might make them again for a halloween party thanks gr8 doughnuts:)
fjohnny12 years ago
We had just made these... Very DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe :)
lspringer12 years ago
Yum! These donuts are awesome. So fluffy and light. Thanks for the recipe.
Lilly27683 years ago
Hello! Thank you so much for share this recipe. I made thejm today and the flavor was like kk. My family loved them. However the look was horrible. They deflated when tranfer to fry fhem. What is the trick to fry them so full and round?
Eddy Dean3 years ago
I used a recipe that I learned in Ethiopia for the actual donuts, but I used your glaze recipe. Tastes great, although I did have one problem; the butter was separating within the glaze. To glaze I had to stir while dipping so as to not get much of the separated butter on them.
Overall: delicious!
Make an Instructable! I know that a lot of people here would love to try it out!
i may do that the next time I make donuts
I'll keep an eye out!
I don't make donuts very often, so you may not see one for a while.
This recipe did not work for me. Followed exactly, but had to add loads more flour. Would not recommend this recipe. Sorry :(
hi i am 17, i LOVE cooking but whenever i make sweet things, i always fail and get shouted at for making a huge/chaotic mess XD, i LOVE!!!!!!!!! krispy kreme doughnuts though and was thinking of trying this recipe since the nearest one to me is about 2 hours away :'(, but i do get to go there everytime i go to hospital :D.

how idiot proof is this recipe? (can a REALLY stupid person like me make it?), does anyone know how to make the chocolate glaze and filling? and does it matter if i use a substitute for shortening or is that the best thing to use?
kmunson3 years ago
Sure would love the addition of KK's chocolate glaze :) Can't wait to try these! Thanks so much.
PurpleKat3 years ago
Just finished making these for my friends and their kids. (And me and my husband.) OMG YUM.

My husband used the scrap dough that remained to fry enormous elephant ears, dusted with powdered sugar.
Kringlur3 years ago
Do you know what's the best way I could substitute both condensed milk and shortening for this? Literally, I can only get those by ordering them from overseas, but I read that there's a lot of different ways to substitute depending what's already in the recipe.
gnu2d2 Kringlur3 years ago
Margarine or butter can be used as a substitute, as long as you don't use a "spread" margarine, like Parkay which can be up to 70% water. Scoochmaroo's recipe calls for evaporated milk, which is different from sweetened condensed milk. I'm not sure about Iceland, but there's canned milk in much of Europe that would work similarly.
hi! i am new here and i really want to try this recipe. but i am not sure if i can find shortening here in italy. does anyone know any substitute?
shorting is also called "copha" its like a vegetable fat ( i think)
cfb333 years ago
I tried these and they're good, but I don't recall ever eating a doughnut that had such a distinct yeast flavor. So for that reason alone I will say that these doughnuts taste nothing like any KK or other I've eaten. The glazed donut recipe I want are the ones that are like biting into air.
scoochmaroo (author)  cfb333 years ago
I'm sorry you had a bad experience with this! My guess is that your yeast was past its prime and wasn't able to provide the light, airy product we were able to create. I find that when I use yeast that has turned, it makes any baked good taste heavy and "yeasty."
notalis19703 years ago
Mine didn't work out. I am a DISASTER in the kitchen.

1. I dropped the only thermometer I had into the boiling oil and boiled it, so had no idea what temp the oil was. The donuts came out either heavy and filled with oil or undercooked and burnt outside.

2. Maybe because here in Italy the egg yolks are really, really dark orange, the dough was really yellow?

3. The first rising went fine.

4. I couldn't find my damn donut cutter (arrrggggh)

5. The donuts I shaped and put onto waxed paper rose, but STUCK to the paper and deflated as soon as I tried to pick them up to put them in the oil.

So....yet again, my FOURTH attempt at making doughnuts, since I think the closest to me are at Stansted Airport in LONDON and I'm in ITALY, failed.

scoochmaroo (author)  notalis19703 years ago
Oh no! This hurts my heart :(
I wish I could mail you some!
Tell you what, when you come visit Instructables HQ, we'll make some together!
Thanks! You're so sweet :-) Like donuts LOL

Actually, the next day they weren't absolutely HORRIBLE so I ate 4 .... ummm.

If I'm desperate enough to eat FOUR slightly nasty donuts you know I'm really cravin' here. This evening I'm trying again. I was excited to find a cooking thermometer yesterday at the store, but got it home and it says it only reads up to 160°C WTH? Maybe I shouldn't eat donuts.
i must know if they taste exactly like krispy kremes or how close to it?
they closed them in australia except at the airports because of America finacial crisis. and im not travelling to the airport everytime i want them
I just made these and they are AWESOME!! Took 2 tries though, I thought I would be lazy and do the mixing & rising in my new bread machine. I came back a couple hours later thinking "gosh, it smells nice in here..." I had punched in the wrong number and they had started to bake! Anyway, now I have a batch of donuts and a funny, puffy sweet loaf sort of thing! I am SO replacing my old cake donut recipe with this one now! Love your work, keep the great 'ibles coming!
Awesome instructable. It's sad that they closed the one near foodmax in modesto
sconner13 years ago
wooden chopsticks. not he plastic ones which would melt in the oil.
jschlageter3 years ago
I love the recipe but do you by any chance have the recipe for the cream fillings? My kids love the Vanilla and Chocolate cream filling and we live too far to get doughnuts (over 200 miles)
bowow08073 years ago
scooch measuring mistake!!! the weights for the crisco and butter are for 1 cup!
scoochmaroo (author)  bowow08073 years ago
Argh! Good catch!!!
bowow08073 years ago
JUST MADE SOME!!! they are very very close to the krispy kreme donuts! although my donuts ended up very large but that was only because i had to improvise the donut cutter and i got lazy and used granulated sugar for the glaze instead of powdered but it was not that bad it made a bit less sweet which i prefer, and the dough i made was a bit too soft, during the second rise when i moved them to fry they deflated but they still rose a bit in the oil. my other difficulty was not having a proper mixer to mix the ingredients so. . . . BICEP POWER!! and it was of course still a great recipe! this recipe was very forgiving of mistakes like my fry times and temps. the temp for me was soo finicky that i ended up to 360 to 380! or too low at 340. i still have some left over dough and can i store it? then fry/bake them another time? and as for my times i just judged it by the color. this recipe is about a 7 on the idiot proof meter 10 being completely even though you did practically everything wrong it still ends up great. i am now waiting for them to let the glaze set and now i have some delicious donuts to eat, along with some hole cutouts with glaze! i thank you for letting me trying to make donuts again my first try was horrible flat, tough, and the glaze was as far away from krispy kreme as the sun is to the next galaxy. but this recipe made my night and i will might just fry/bake more for my friends with the excess dough.
Caffiene3 years ago
Ooooh. Ive made some great donuts KK style donuts before, but Ive never found a good glaze! This looks like it might do the trick (evaporated milk always does the trick :D).

I think KK donuts are going to be the first step in my new exercise regimen. (Replacing the previous first step - exercising)
Don't worry your mouth will get plenty of exercise from munchin' down these donuts!
arpoky3 years ago
Why don't I have someone this awesome in my life? Though my Grandma makes one mean cake, I don't believe that she has tried to imitate Girl Scout cookies--or Krispy Kreme's--at all.
Warlrosity3 years ago
I'm totally gonna make these. Is it possible to make vegan ones?
Should be able to. Milk substitue and butter substitue is easy.

As for eggs, potato starch or tapioca starch would likely work, (they sell those as egg substitues). I'd add some extra liquid (a couple tablespoons or so).
Thank you so very much. My vegan friend shall be so pleased. I just don't have much (any) vegansperiance.
Would love for a 1/3 batch recipe. I'm going to have a go at making these tomorrow. Not clear on the exact ingredients either..

2 1/4 cups (530ml) milk, 2%?
3/4 cup (169g) sugar what kind?
3 eggs -what size?
1/2 cup (227g) shortening -type?

1/2 cup (227g) butter - salted? unsalted?

Thanks kindly! Cheers, Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa Canada
milk...2% will be fine...scalding it is the trick. The percentage of fat is really not important.
Granulated sugar.
grade A large eggs.
Shortening...Crisco....solid vegetable shortening.
butter...unsalted, the first time you try it. You may want more salt...you may find the salt in the dough is enough.
SHORTCUT: I have made KK style donuts with Rhodes frozen bread dough or dinner rolls. It's a lot faster and easier to do and using this glaze recipe would make them very close to the same. You have to thaw and rise the dough but it cuts out all the mixing, which means less dishes to wash. (Who feels like washing dishes with a belly full of donuts?)  If you use the roll dough, you can just poke a hole in each one with your finger, stretch them out until they look too skinny, then rise them as instructed here. They will fatten back up as they rise. Make sure the hole is giant sized when you shape them and they will be perfect when they are done. I think there is even a recipe on the Rhodes.com web site.

We have a local donut shop, Ridgewood Donuts, that has the world's best glazed donuts.  They are really moist and tender inside and taste buttery.  They aren't sticky at all but not nearly as dry as most.  I have even rewarmed them in the microwave the next day and they were still moist and delicious.  I would LOVE to have that recipe or a similar one.

Also, Krispy Kreme has pumpkin spice donuts in the fall and winter.  I have to stay away from them if I want to have any waistline at all.  I just can't eat one of those either.  I don't think it's just because they are so delicious.  I think it's because they are cheaper by the dozen and don't stay fresh very long.  I can't stand to waste a good donut!
Kathy1863 years ago
Do you think it's possible to bake these instead of frying?
You could bake these at 375 until lightly brown, but they will taste more like dinner rolls with glaze on them.  Not nearly as good and not really like a donut.  Just fry 'em.  How often will you get hot, fresh donuts?  Enjoy life!
jamie-cole3 years ago
and its beter than paying £1.40 for one
jamie-cole3 years ago
the best ever made them with the kids thanks for the instructble :)
LesB3 years ago
Do these taste just like the KK's? Judging by the super-sweetness of the KK's, I'd think they use high-fructose corn syrup instead of regular sugar. If that is the case, your creations probably taste better than the KK's for using regular sugar.
Olyveoil3 years ago
My very first job ever was packing Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be delivered to all the local stores in town. Then, later on, filling the whole doughnuts with the jellies and creams.

That was the very best job ever. I loved watching the doughs being mixed, put into the extruder, and then the doughnuts rolling along on a long conveyor belt as they made their journey into the lake of hot oil...lol. There was an automatic flipper that would flip 8 doughnuts at a time at the halfway point in the oil. Then, they'd roll out of that and under a curtain of glaze. After that, they'd ride the conveyor belt to our waiting hands to be packaged for shipment.

An easy way to fill the whole doughnuts is to use a piping tip and cake decorating bag loaded with the filling. To me, that cream filling was an awful lot like buttercream frosting....yummo...my favorite! I am so going to try this recipe.


lambsb3 years ago
I am so gonna try this. You are my Hero....
i just read some of the steps and you have given me a great solution to a problem
when i make the usual style doughnut it doesn't cook through, as i roll it into a long thick strand and the join the ends, and what you end up with is a lovely looking doughnut...filled with uncooked dough..

i don't have a doughnut cutter so would it work to just get two cookie cutters? one large, one small?

also, that glaze looks sooo great,

all in all, i have no idea what a krispy kreme donut tastes like but these look the best, i am so going to rate this!!!!
Taste like? Hot, fresh from the fryer with the glaze or even the cream filled ones are like heaven on earth. They simply melt in your mouth. If you have diabetes, please don't eat KK donuts . . .they'll put you in a coma for a month . . .main reason is because once you have one of them, it's impossible to stop. Takes at least a half dozen and then you finally pass out! LOL
My poison is the vanilla cream filled, chocolate coated donut.
I have type1 and thought I'd try making them with Splenda. I wonder if any one has tried it with Splenda.
ok, now i can understand what they are like, thanks crystaldyes

BTW, in the Southern US, we refer to KK donuts as "Krispy Krack" because they are so addictive!
scoochmaroo (author)  AussieAnglerGal3 years ago
Yes, you want the dough to be very light and fluffy. Two cookie cutters will work just fine!
sounds great! thanks for the help i'll have to try these!
Beergnome3 years ago
drop the all purpose flour and use cake flour, other wise? YES!!!!
isantiago23 years ago
hmmm i wonder how this will turn out being made gluten free?????
tebright3 years ago
hooray for Clover milk! Sonoma County represent!
booboobear3 years ago
Great Instructable!!! Good step by step directions and photos. I really enjoyed the photos of the flour mess and the overflowing rising dough, because that's the sign of a GOOD cook!!! Thanks for the great recipe! Delicious!
JR8883 years ago
MILK TIP: Scalding your milk means to heat it up to 180 degrees, or just until it begins to bubble around the edge of the pan or bowl. It is easiest to do on the stove, where you can watch the milk as it heats up, it doesn't take long, so don't go away! If doing it in a microwave, just check it every 20 seconds or so.

I think I can talk my daughter into making these this weekend. Maybe only half a batch though!

Thank you for sharing.
superdaddy63 years ago
wow hoo i cant wate to try this i,am a freak for these.i can see 100pounds by summer.every weekend,latenight,
I do a paper route every morning so sometimes I will buy donuts. My little brother comes running to the door every morning asking if I bought donuts! I'm sooooo going make these sometime! :D Good Job!
Cheers! -joespicnictables
When I was a pre-teen I used to have a KK donut door-to-door route. The donuts were delivered to me every morning and I went door to door in the neighborhood, chanting, "fresh donuts with your morning coffee!". My Dad bought the donuts I did not sell. Win/win for all!
Kathy1863 years ago
These look delicious! Do you think they can be baked in the oven instead? Has anyone tried baking them?
bowow08073 years ago
do you need to use canola oil? or can i just use plain vegetable oil?
scoochmaroo (author)  bowow08073 years ago
Vegetable oil is just fine!
Thank you for helping me to keep the dream alive, haha! Now that I've switched to a mostly (emphasis on "mostly" here, lol) raw foods lifestyle, as I read your ingredients list I'm thinking/muttering to myself, "okay, lettsee, butter, sprouted grain flour, less processed sugars (turbinado?), Coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, hmmmm, just might work" :-)

Seriously, though, I was going to purchase stock in KK when it first hit the board.

If anyone does have a less gut clogging version out there please send me the link, thank you.

Lady, I love your spirit and ingenuity, thanks again for helping me keep the dream alive. I was going to name my doughnut shop, "Golden Buddha Donuts". Any takers?
elimasmx3 years ago
My dough turned out really sticky... REALLY sticky. Is ir normal? I find it impossible to work with :c
Anyhow it is tasty haha.
scoochmaroo (author)  elimasmx3 years ago
Add a little extra flour to it as you work it out.
ilpug3 years ago
Made them. They are just as delicious as they look. About halfway through the batch I got creative and covered them with chocolate syrup. Mmm.

Thanks so much for the recipe Scoochmaroo!
scoochmaroo (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Awesome, I'm glad you tried it and had success! Did you make the full 3-dozen or scale it down? I'm thinking about reducing the recipe so people don't have to make more than a dozen at a time :D
I made the full three dozen. I am having friends over later, so the donuts won't last long!
Gena_Rumple3 years ago
*_* I'll take a dozen off your hands! They look so yummy! Excellent job! (^_^)b
Cabe3 years ago
Well that's my weekend covered!
mrsbelcher3 years ago
I skip the proofing if the yeast has not passed the expiration date. Also, make sure the milk is no hotter than 110 degrees or you'll kill the yeast. My dough is rising as I write. Thanks Scooch for another awesome recipe!
I think I gained 5 pounds today!
scoochmaroo (author)  mrsbelcher3 years ago
Great tips!
wilgubeast3 years ago
These were delicious. If you're on the fence or trying to talk yourself out of making some: stop.

Just make some. Give them to people you love. Or just eat them all. The self-satisfaction of DIY should counteract the post-gluttony guilt.
lmnopeas3 years ago
Jealous! Wish I had some right now. They look scrumptious.
SHIFT!3 years ago
This is probably one of the best homemade KK donut I've seen if for one thing- no deep fryer! Which means I can probably make some right from my dorm room if I wanted to....

Excuse me, I think I hear some pastries calling to me
MI160073 years ago
OMG i love Krispy Kreme Donuts! I can't ever go back there now :C but i will try to make these.Thank you for the recipe :)
cheezstake3 years ago
I WILL try this recipe. Like you, we are too far from a Kripy Kreme. I will be a hero (thanks to you) when I make these for my family.
scoochmaroo (author)  cheezstake3 years ago
Oh my gosh, I hope you do. I was totally blown away by these donuts! They take a lot of time, but almost no effort. Let me know how it goes!