Hello there guys, this is my new gun the Kriss Vector .45 ACP it has a very nice folding and removable stock, flip sight and a mag release and overall it's a pretty good gun so I hope you guys like it.
<p>unless people like you actually post INSTRUCTIONS I will rate all your things 0 its not a instructable</p>
It looks pretty nice, the stock end and bottom of the handle could use a bit of work. <br>How sturdy is the folding stock? It's great that it has one, but the connection to the gun itself looks a bit weak. <br>Good work
thanks and the stock is pretty sturdy
You're welcome. <br>The stock connection just looked a bit iffy to me :p
I know but it works lol :)
Nice :)
nice job
It is really nice. =D
Sure thing!
those irons. I'm lovin' it!
thanks lol
Looks good!
I really like this. I can tell that it can't shoot, I wish it could, but you did a great job all the same. Its funny, 'cause I was just thinking today that I need to build one of these.
thanks lol
Looks good!

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