Picture of Krunchy Kale Chips
A low in fat, high in fiber trendy snack. So easy anyone can make this at home. Try to eat only one!

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Wash and thoroughly dry a bunch of kale.
Would this work with mustard or turnip greens? I like the stronger flavor of these two greens.
tastydelights (author)  marjorieallea1 year ago
Sorry, I didn't see the comments on my site!
I don't know I've never tried using other greens but, it wouldn't hurt trying
tastydelights (author)  marjorieallea1 year ago
Hi Marjorie
I'm not sure but, you can try it and let me know!
Sounds and Looks Delicious!! So Flavorful :)
tastydelights (author)  BakingBrenda1 year ago
Thanks Baking Brenda
To say that my carnivorous son ate them is saying a lot!!! It's the crunch they like
tastydelights (author) 1 year ago
Thanks Brenda my kids love them. Really surprised by my meat eating son!