<p>Anybody know why the video is private?</p>
Have you skateboard trucks on it? <br>
im working on one.... just started today with a ruff cut............... i call it the gar fish
I like the pix
how the heck am i supposed to know what to do if i can't see the video also!!!!!
do you just cut an old skateboard in the shape and throw some trucks on there? <br>
<br>I dont know if you knew this but spray paint isnt very green.
Might want to lay of the Triforce logos then.<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/spray-paint-a-triforce-on-stuff/<br><br>Sweet Game Sleeve<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/The-telescope-utility-belt/step3/putting-it-all-together/<br><br><br>
but zelda is too cool for school and thanks!

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