Introduction: Krylov FA-37 AR

Picture of Krylov FA-37 AR

This gun is a gun based of a gun. It's pretty powerful.
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Parts list

@ Gren rods: 196
@ White rods: 88
@ Blue rods: 35
@ Grey rods: 8
@ Red rods: 2
@ Bendy yellow rods: 3

@ Grey connectors: 43
@ Blue/brown 'tab' connectors: 15
@ Red connectors: 43
@ Green connectors: 21
@ Yellow connectors: 69
@ Blue connectors: 11
@ Orange connectors: 35
@ Y 'hand' connectors: 24
@ Hinges: 5
@ Light grey connectors: 2
@ White 'snowflake' connectors: 40

@ Blue spacers: 12
@ Silver spacers: 32
@ Grey cogs: 3
@ Light grey end cog: 1

Step 1: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

This is a handle I invented myself. Follow the pictures, should be pretty easy.

@ Green rods: 23
@ White rods: 8
@ Blue rods: 3

@ Dark grey connectors: 2
@ Red connectors: 11
@ Green connectors: 8
@ Blue connectors: 5
@ Y 'hand' conectors: 3

Step 2: The Stock

Picture of The Stock

This is just a basic stock but is oh so comfortable when pressed into your shoulder.

@ Green rods: 68
@ White rods: 28
@ Blue rods: 7
@ Bendey yellow rods: 3

@ Grey connectors: 3
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 1
@ Red connectors: 6
@ Green connectors: 9
@ Yellow connectors: 25
@ Orange connectors: 6
@ Y 'hand' connectors: 4
@ White 'snowflake' connectors: 6
@ Hinges: 2

@ Blue spacers: 4

Step 3: Handle No. 2

Picture of Handle No. 2

This is the carrying handle which also features a scope that you can look through.

@ Green rods: 14
@ White rods: 4
@ Blue rods: 3
@ Grey rods: 5

@ Grey connectors: 7
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 2
@ Green connectors: 2
@ Yellow connectors: 8
@ Orange connectors: 12
@ Y hand connectors: 1
@ Light grey connectors: 2
@ White 'snowflake' connectors: 6

@ Silver spacers: 24
@ Blue spacers: 4

Step 4: The Foregrip

Picture of The Foregrip

This is just a modded version of the_burrito_master's scarr.11 foregrip, or whatever it's callled.

@ White rods: 1
@ Blue rods: 5
@ Red rods: 2

@ Grey connectors: 11
@ Blue/brown 'tab' connectors: 1
@ Red connectors: 12
@ Green connectors: 2
@ Yellow connectors: 11
@ Orange connectors: 2
@ Y hand connectors: 4
@ White connectors:

@ Dark grey gears: 3/4 (depending on if you have that light grey end cap)

Step 5: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

This is the front barrel where the bullet comes flying out of.

@ Green rods: 30
@ White rods: 4
@ Blue rods: 5

@ Grey connectors: 1
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 3
@ Red connectors: 2
@ Yellow connectors: 10
@ Orange connectors: 15
@ Y hand connectors: 3
@ White connectors: 2

Step 6: The Main Body

Picture of The Main Body

This is the main body and the trigger unit. Also the body includes those two pieces previously mentioned (red conncter joined to a green rod.)

@ Green rods: 16
@ White rods: 13

@ Grey connectors: 4
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 2
@ Red connectors: 2
@ Yellow connectors: 4
@ Orange connectors: 4
@ Y hand connectors: 1
@ White connectors: 8
@ Hinges: 3

Step 7: Inner Barrel

Picture of Inner Barrel

This is the barrel that holds the yellow rods. There are two modified (exotic pieces) that are used for this step, however I'm sure you could work around this by using a different style barrel, however this one is never-done-before and works relatively well.

@ Green rods: 1
@ White rods: 4
@ Blue rods: 3
@ Grey rods: 2

@ Grey connectors: 12
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 1
@ Red connectors: 4
@ Yellow connectors: 1
@ Orange connectors: 4
@ Y hand connectors: 1
@ white connectors: 4

@ Blue spacers: 1
@ Silver spacers: 4

Step 8: The Magazine

Picture of The Magazine

This is the magazine step.

@ Green rods: 44
@ White rods: 26
@ Blue rods: 8

@ Grey connectors: 3
@ Blue sliver 'tab' connectors: 2
@ Red connectors: 4
@ Yellow connectors: 10
@ Orange connectors: 4
@ Y hand connectors: 7
@ Blue connectors: 6
@ White connectors: 14

Step 9: The Ram

Picture of The Ram

The simple ram which fires a rod.

Parts list:
@ Blue rod: 1

@ Brown tab connetor: 2
@ Yellow connector: 1

@ Blue spacers: 3

And a lil bit o' tape.

Step 10: Connections

Picture of Connections

Finally you can start putting it all together into big blobs, then assembling it into the gun.

Step 11: Rubber Bands, Loadng and Firing.

Picture of Rubber Bands, Loadng and Firing.

This is the stage where I show you what rubber bands go where and how to prime and fire this weapon. Rubber band sizes don't perticularly matter, but as a general view, you need:

A long one to stretch from the ram to the front of the gun,
A loose one to hold the pusher into the magazine,
And a small one for the trigger.

As terms of using this gun go, i find it erganomically friendly.
All you do is:
Pull the ram back until the trigger is set.
Load several yellow rods into the magazine
(you may need to 'hit' the pusher to get the rod to fit into the modded orange connctor)
And pull the tigger.

I have a cool picture somewhere of a yellow rod suspended in mid air.


TigerNod (author)2009-09-30

Cool! 5 *

ashchetm (author)2009-08-01

Yay another battlefield 2142 gun!!!!

knexcthulu (author)2009-05-26

can you post more pics it is a bit hard to see whats going where?

knexcthulu (author)2009-05-26

and what do you mean on the last picture "only one not one on each"

knexcthulu (author)2009-05-26

do you have to modify the orange connecters ?

knexcthulu (author)2009-04-24

can i replace eney of the orange connecters?

j-chode! (author)knexcthulu2009-05-01

they are necassery to keep the gun stiff. so not really :)

SonicX 22 (author)2009-04-13

is the mag removable? i love removable mags

j-chode! (author)SonicX 222009-04-15


SonicX 22 (author)j-chode!2009-04-16


statified (author)2008-10-01

can one of the hinges be substituted for, say, a ball and socket or something similar i only have 4?

j-chode! (author)statified2008-10-02

You can probably find a way to do so...

happybirthday (author)j-chode!2009-03-09


j-chode! (author)happybirthday2009-03-09

i slept with your mom.

happybirthday (author)j-chode!2009-03-09


statified (author)j-chode!2008-10-03

ok thanks,

CrazyCHRIS!! (author)2008-09-20

is it semi auto?

Oblivitus (author)2008-09-09

Okay, the last time I looked at this I didn't know a lot about k'nex guns, it looks great 4.5 stars. :)

11knexman11 (author)2008-09-07

um should i build this or the scar 11 based on power amd looks

j-chode! (author)11knexman112008-09-08

Erm. I'm going to recommed the scar 11, because I'm an honest man, but read the comments below. Make your judgement on them.

comando (author)2008-09-03

does it have a detacable cilp

j-chode! (author)comando2008-09-03

If I can remember correctly, it is fixed into place.

killa7639 (author)2008-08-12

Plus how many white connectors?

j-chode! (author)killa76392008-08-13

Quite a few. There is a parts list.
Don't you people read the introduction?

killa7639 (author)j-chode!2008-08-13

I did but at the start my PC didn't load up the number after white connectors so I thought you forgot it out

j-chode! (author)killa76392008-08-13

Thats amusing. And it's 40 white connectors. Plus or minus one either way as i counted the pieces from the pictures.

arrow shot (author)2008-07-25

is the scope necessary? my fingers are really delicate and they are starting to bleed, i cant get the last piece in.

j-chode! (author)arrow shot2008-08-09

No. I also found it rather pointless. Leave it out if you want.

infection.exe (author)2008-07-29

Great gun, really. I recommend anyone who is still doubting if he/she should break down another gun for this one, to do it. It is sturdy, very comfortable (shoulder-handle) and has a nice weight. I didnt make the scope because it hurts your fingers to make it and it gets in the way when trying to pull back the ram. I have a different loading mechanism because the magazine caused to much friction. Now i load a yellow rod in the side of the magazine, pull down the mag-thing and release it again, then its loaded. The looks of it are great, nice and big ;) I give this a 54 star, because i have been working like an hour just modding the gun, but when its finished, you'll notice it was woth the trouble :D

j-chode! (author)infection.exe2008-08-03

I thankyou for that. I will return the favour in due course.

arrow shot (author)2008-07-25

also, what do i do if i dont have the light grey cap

infection.exe (author)arrow shot2008-07-29

Just use 5 Snowflake connectors instead of 6. Its MUCH easier, and no one will see the difference

Oblivitus (author)2008-07-26

Looks nice. 4 stars.

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-05-24

NOOOOOOOOOOO! And I just finished mine.... Well, I guess I don't have to go through the trouble of posting it any more.

is this exactly the same as the one you were gunna post, or just similar in looks, or some combo of the 2?

It didn't look much like this one, but after I saw this, I took it apart to build the Samus Arm Gun.

does it have similar concepts and stuff as yours, like the range and the slide in magazine. i wanted to build that. (after, of course, i finish the SR-V1, i'm kinda lazy)

The slide in magazine, if you want to mod, was pretty easy. It was just like your magazine, but with purple 3d connectors that snapped together so you just had to push it in. Also, mine was semi, but it ended up not looking too much like the original.

hmm, connection by sliding into the puple connectors. very good idea. too bad i've sorta stopped with the knex. atleast i can still be on instructables. maybe, if i get really motivated, i'll finish the SR-v1

DrWeird117 (author)2008-07-06

i used 26 rubberbands and it now destroys a watermelon

j-chode! (author)DrWeird1172008-07-07

great (Y)

iKill (author)2008-06-21

thanks a bunch, should i be expecting these b4 tommorow

j-chode! (author)iKill2008-06-21

being as there is football on in abit, and im going out tomorrow night. tomorrow should be just fine :) quite a few people say they dont have enough hinges

iKill (author)j-chode!2008-06-21

so i should check back tommorow kay ill try to make everything else

j-chode! (author)iKill2008-06-21

bon chance mon amis :) yeah tomorrow. i should have enough pieces.

j-chode! (author)j-chode!2008-06-21

oh and i could do with some feedback on the general instructions. let me know if they are easy to follow etc...

iKill (author)j-chode!2008-06-21

besides the few confusing parts it seems to be good

iKill (author)2008-06-21

is there anyway to substitute hinges... i see that the 2 on the stock are no nessecery if you dont care about green connectors jabbing into your shoulder, but what about the 3 on the main body, i only have 2 hingers

j-chode! (author)iKill2008-06-21

the trigger hinge can be substituted for a red connector. the body ones can be substituted for blue slit connectors, but you'd have to fiddle with the body. anything is possible

iKill (author)j-chode!2008-06-21

can u give me some pictures... i would LOVE to make this gun, if u pm me your AOL screen name i would like that too imma big fan of your work.

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