It happens to everyone. You accidentally shave your head, and then your head is cold all the time.

Here's what to do about that! Make a fitted hat with a fur or velvet inside. It's about the fastest hat there is, much faster than making a Hex Hat or even knitting a toque.

Step 1: Cut the Sides and Crown

You'll need about a quarter yard of fabric; an eighth of fur or velvet or something else soft, and an eighth of outer fabric. These can be the same but I like contrast. I use scraps from other projects.

Measure your head at its largest circumference. We will call this measurement H. From each of your two fabrics, cut a rectangle that is H plus 1.5 inches long, and 6 or 7 inches wide (depending on how big your head is). These will be the sides of the hat.

For the crown, cut an oval shape that's H + 2 inches around, or thereabouts (don't go much smaller than this). I made a paper pattern by folding a piece of paper in quarters, then cutting a line about (H + 2) / 4 inches long (see pic). Cut this out of your outer fabric.
<p>Thanks for this. I'm about to make one. How oval do you make the top?</p>
It doesn't have to be at all precise. Any oval that looks reasonably like the pictures will work fine. I usually make it by folding a piece of paper in quarters then cutting a quarter oval, opening it up, and trimming until it looks about right and has about the right circumference.<br><br>Post a pic when you've made yours!
Thanks, will do. I play in a music group for old folk and our outfit is unusual hats I just hope it looks as good as yours!
In Soviet Russia, Hat make You!
<p>I'm so&nbsp; happy to have found this pattern! Although i'm still finding it a bit hard when I&nbsp;have to sew the crown to the band. Also I'm doing a size 21 5/8, which is about a small or really the average ladies size head. How do&nbsp;i make a bigger size eg. 23inch or 24inch&nbsp;for example? I want to make at least three different sizes but don't know how to do that.&nbsp;I would&nbsp;appreciate some ideas.&nbsp;Again, so excited about this online help.<br /> Thanks&nbsp;<br /> Crystal x</p>
Sewing a straight line to a curved line does require a little skill. &nbsp;It gets easier as you do it more, of course!<br /> <br /> To increase the size of the hat, make the band longer by the amount you want to make it bigger. &nbsp;Increase the size of the crown pattern so that the seam line (not the cutting line) is the same length as the new length of the band. &nbsp;You can use a regular cloth measuring tape to get a sense of the new larger crown shape; and it doesn't have to be EXACT, because there's some bias in the oval so you can stretch or ease it a little as you sew.<br /> <br /> I'd love to see pictures of your results!<br type="_moz" />
haha! great work, a nice hat there!
wait! now its a definitely russian hat!
pffff (spits out water all over keyboard) how did i miss this first time around? that's hysterical.
haha! i kno, i miss some comments occasionally, i just couldnt understand how it could be russian without vodka, so, with my good friend photoshop i went about sorting that out.
Haha, nice.
thanks! i do like a little play around in photoshop.
Hmm.. Accidental head-shave? :D

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