Picture of Kufi-style Hat
It happens to everyone. You accidentally shave your head, and then your head is cold all the time.

Here's what to do about that! Make a fitted hat with a fur or velvet inside. It's about the fastest hat there is, much faster than making a Hex Hat or even knitting a toque.

Step 1: Cut the sides and crown

You'll need about a quarter yard of fabric; an eighth of fur or velvet or something else soft, and an eighth of outer fabric. These can be the same but I like contrast. I use scraps from other projects.

Measure your head at its largest circumference. We will call this measurement H. From each of your two fabrics, cut a rectangle that is H plus 1.5 inches long, and 6 or 7 inches wide (depending on how big your head is). These will be the sides of the hat.

For the crown, cut an oval shape that's H + 2 inches around, or thereabouts (don't go much smaller than this). I made a paper pattern by folding a piece of paper in quarters, then cutting a line about (H + 2) / 4 inches long (see pic). Cut this out of your outer fabric.
ivel_484 years ago
In Soviet Russia, Hat make You!

I'm so  happy to have found this pattern! Although i'm still finding it a bit hard when I have to sew the crown to the band. Also I'm doing a size 21 5/8, which is about a small or really the average ladies size head. How do i make a bigger size eg. 23inch or 24inch for example? I want to make at least three different sizes but don't know how to do that. I would appreciate some ideas. Again, so excited about this online help.
Crystal x

rachel (author)  crystalestuart5 years ago
Sewing a straight line to a curved line does require a little skill.  It gets easier as you do it more, of course!

To increase the size of the hat, make the band longer by the amount you want to make it bigger.  Increase the size of the crown pattern so that the seam line (not the cutting line) is the same length as the new length of the band.  You can use a regular cloth measuring tape to get a sense of the new larger crown shape; and it doesn't have to be EXACT, because there's some bias in the oval so you can stretch or ease it a little as you sew.

I'd love to see pictures of your results!
gmjhowe6 years ago
haha! great work, a nice hat there!
gmjhowe gmjhowe6 years ago
wait! now its a definitely russian hat!
FEE0176FM2KBX2Q copy.jpg
rachel (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
pffff (spits out water all over keyboard) how did i miss this first time around? that's hysterical.
gmjhowe rachel6 years ago
haha! i kno, i miss some comments occasionally, i just couldnt understand how it could be russian without vodka, so, with my good friend photoshop i went about sorting that out.
Haha, nice.
thanks! i do like a little play around in photoshop.
bumpus6 years ago
Hmm.. Accidental head-shave? :D