Introduction: Kulfi & Kulfi Stuffed Mangos - (Home Made Desi Ice Cream & Stuffed Mangos)

* Mango Season Summer Special *

Desi Ice cream - Kulfi with a twist! A mouth watering recipe to impress your family and guests.. I hope you enjoy it with your loved ones. If you like my video, please give it a thumbs up and book mark/subscribe for more recipes to come. Thanks for Watching!

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Step 4:

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Step 5:

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Step 6:

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Step 7:

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Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11:

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Step 12:

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Step 13:

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Step 14:

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Step 15:

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Step 16:

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Step 17: Enjoy With Your Family and Friends!

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If you need any further details or have any query please feel free to drop me a line.

I would be more than glad to answer your questions.

Stay blessed and do let me know how did it turned up for you!


c4cooking (author)2015-08-06

I love this idea 'Stuffed mango kulfi !!! ! :D

Thank you, I am glad you liked it. :)

AsifY (author)2015-07-29

Thanks for sharing. looks very yummy

MadeehaCookbook (author)AsifY2015-07-30

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

ThisIsMyNameOK (author)2015-07-28

Thank you for sharing this recipe. I hate mangoes, but I will try the kulfi someday, when I can.

Just one suggestion: I think some of your steps are in the wrong order. Step 15 looks like it should be right after step 10. It is still easy enough to understand the way it is, but you might want to change it.

Voting for you. Good luck. :)

Thank you ThisisMyNameOK for your support and love. :)

Yes I guess I messed up on the sequence which I am going to fix. :) and yes do try the Kulfi. You would love it! Its a promise.

toobazahoor (author)2015-07-28

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Tooba and I hope you enjoy it while making for your loved ones.

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2015-07-28

This is awesome :),Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your comment and I hope you enjoy it as well.

abidakhann (author)2015-07-27


Thank you Abida. :)

Coolloom (author)2015-07-27


MadeehaCookbook (author)Coolloom2015-07-29

Thank you! :)

seamster (author)2015-07-27

Looks tasty!

Thanks for sharing this recipe.

MadeehaCookbook (author)seamster2015-07-29

Hi Seamster, Hope you enjoy making it.

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