Picture of Kumihimo dog leash
setup overview.jpg
I just finished my project 'dog leash' no instructable yet because i'm working out some things, when making another one i'll make a nice instructable to go with it.. for now..

1st photo is the completed project
2nd  photo is with flash, so the black reflecting paracord is better visible
3rd photo is without flash
4th a close up of the adjustment point
5th photo simple setup with a 4kg counterweight en rotate able wooden disk:

total used paracord, 8 strands.. total 30.40 meter or 3040 centimeter .. all braided with the kumihimo way (made my own disc etc)

sboers (author) 1 year ago
If all goes as planned, i'll be making another dog leash within the next 2 weeks... now i only need to remember to make that instructable
paigekelley2 years ago
I just need to see the set up of which strings start where
sboers (author)  paigekelley2 years ago
pattern maker:


the placement of the strings is exactly the same as on the pattern.
and a quick youtube tutorial on the subject:
Can't wait for yours step by step!
Jerry E2 years ago
Great project! I really like the braiding disk. I was not familiar with Kumihimo.