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Introduction: Kumquat Compote

I harvested many many pounds of kumquats this year from my secret kumquat source and made a whole slew of different types of kumquat preserves: Indian kumquat pickle, Regular kumquat pickles, salt-preserved kumquats, South African-style preserved kumquats, kumquat-szechuan peppercorn caramels, fresh kumquat salsa, and this delicious kumquat compote. 

This particular kumquat compote, using Seattle Bon Vivant's simple recipe , is so easy and delicious, I make huge amounts of it most years, and it never lasts long enough.  It's good in anything: topping on desserts, mixed with plain yogurt, as a cake or chocolate souffle topping, on bread...If you have access to kumquats, I highly suggest making this recipe! The only time consuming thing is taking out all the seeds (which you wrap into little cheesecloth bundles).



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It looks delicious! Though while you posted the origanal link, I still wish you could give us a more step by step picture tutorial so we could make some of that goodness ourselves. It always seems to make so much more sence when you see how it really works out.

I didn't get pictures all the way through, but when kumquat season comes around again I'll certainly rectify that. I promise, though, the original recipe is very easy to follow even without pictures!