Picture of Kung Fu T-Shirt Mod
 After watching "Kung Fu Hustle", I got the idea, "Hey why don't I make a Kung Fu shirt like those poor kids playing soccer? This shirt mod a sleeveless shirt knot buttons(I op'd out of the chinese collar for the slim chance I wear it as an undershirt). I'm pretty horrible with a sewing machine, so please be gentle with your comments :).

-2 T-Shirts
-Sewing Machine
-Scissors, Ruler, Pins(optional)

Cost:      High: $10 USD
               Low:  $0 

Time:     High: 5 Hours?
               Low:  2 Hours?

Step 1: Prep Shirt

Picture of Prep Shirt
Photo 1: Fold shirt in half to find the middle

Photo 2: Cut

Photo 3: Cut sleeves, not too much because you need to hem it
foobear2 years ago
pretty righteous! awesome tshirt mod
gaoxiong2 years ago
I did not say that, really like.Ha ha ha
lemonie5 years ago
I couldn't manage this, but to me it looks like you did a great job. Such as this one?


jianqiang (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 Yep, thats what I was going for, I have the picture in the introduction that spurred this project. And as for managing this project, I think this is the third time I used a sewing machine, if I can do it, anyone can. The only probable snags you may face are the knot buttons, they're a pain, but once you figure out how to do one, the rest are easy, just a little bit time consuming. Thanks for the comment.
You did well. I might ask you to shave your head, but I wont. - could we have a pic with the fasteners done up?

jianqiang (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 I added a pic with the buttons buttoned. I wore it for beer pong. I'm too chicken to wear it out in public.
It's good.

Ward_Nox5 years ago
well i'm gonna need to start scoring t-shirts I'm gonna want to do this in a bunch of colors