Picture of Kurtz KSP1 – a bespoke Roadbike with love
Hey everyone,

on the following pages you can see and read the growing of my latest Bike Project.

How it began:
In April 2012 I decided to build (by building I mean: Searching and collecting all the single parts to mount them on a frame etc.) a new roadbike for my unfulfilled needs. A few things were crystal clear right from the beginning:
- Only steel is real!
- There is need for some leather
- I want something unique
- I need something for long rides which is fast and still nice to ride
- I don´t want to spend more than 2000€

After taking a look at an enormous amount of frames, I came by the Webpage of David. He is a framebuilder for bespoke steel frames in Budapest. What a perfect hit! 
I was planing a holiday trip to budapest with my girlfriend so why not combining fun with even more fun? 
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Step 1: The Workshop

Long story short:
After some beautiful days in Budapest, David picked me and my girlfriend up and we drove to his workshop in the suburbs.
We were chatting about bikes in general, his workshop and the frames and bikes he already finished.

Since the Frame is bespoke we started after we had some coffee to do the measuring of me and the new frame. 
David got an fit-bike so we were playing around with all kind of different bar widths, stem lengths, saddle hights and setbacks. 
Here I have to say, he did a perfect job. It took a long time but it was absolutely worth it!

Getting in touch with steel
When we finished the Measuring-Process David showed me all kinds of different tubes from Dedacciai and Columbus and a load of different Lugs he could use for the frame. After a while of combining pros and cons of each tube we decided to take the light columbus spirit tubesset with a mix of different lugs and Llewellyn Dropouts