I was bored so I made the weapons of on of my most favorite anime characters; Kurumi Tokisaki from Date a Live and Date a Live II
these are non functional props, the last picture is the picture I used
so yeh

Step 1: Musket V2

I might post this one after the knex contest
<p>KURUMI'S MUSKETS!!! YES!! I LOVE YOU!!! (If you couldn't tell by now, Kurumi is my favourite character as well, lol)</p>
good<br>good<br>very good<br>Kurumi is best spirit :^)<br>I hope she'll get 'sealed' in the movie if you catch my drift 8^)
<p>Ya I catch your drift alright, lol. I cant wait for the movie!! I wonder if they will continue date a live after the movie though.</p>
they better continue it or else imma rip off dem nutz
<p>sir i must give you a subscribe for making these </p>
<p>oh why thank you C:</p>
<p>Weeb :^)<br><br>The shape of the hammer thingies are hard to get with knex, but you did a pretty good job overall. They look pretty good.</p>
thanks bruh ouob
<p>No problem.<br>What is an ouob tho</p>
its a smiley that sticks up his tumb
<p>okay m80</p>
m80 moe
<p>Tch, I bet you don't even moe</p>
<p>I always moe</p>
<p>Moe me irl fuccboi</p>
<p>No lewds allowed.</p>
<p>fok u</p>
<p>They really need to bring the old rich editor for comments back, or at least the &quot;code&quot; function.</p>
<p>You stop that</p>
<p>and yo mom's a weeb</p><p>yo son of a weeb</p>
<p>Wow, rude</p>
<p>I made them shoot</p>
oh cool could you show me them?
<p>ill remake them and then yes</p>
<p>Purple connecters with green rods attached </p>
<p>Nice, looks very good. </p>
<p>thanks bruh</p>

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