Picture of Kusudama Dafina by Andrei Dumitriu

So... don't have enough $$$ for a dozen roses?? Well, here's a different way to give that special someone a dozen, or 30, roses!

Introducing the Dafina Kusudama, created by Andrei Dumitriu.

This is a kusudama, which is an origami piece that is made with several identical units and matched together.

Here is what you will need for this instructable:

12 or 30 pieces of square paper of same size. (The one above is 12 red 90mm x 90mm paper)
Glue (your choice here, I went with super glue, fast drying and definite bond)
Beads (again your choice, something that matches with the paper)
Embroidery Thread (yet again your choice. Can choose other strings if you like, it's for the tassel and string )

Alrighty let's get this started!!

Step 1: Step 1: Precreases Part 1

Picture of Step 1:  Precreases Part 1

Alrighty, start off by folding your paper into an 8x8 grid. I do this by first folding in half horizontally, then halving that, and again. Repeat vertically.

Next make center points on the corner boxes. I do this by matching up the edge of the paper with the first line next to it on both edges.

Okay, with me so far? Good, then let's move onward!!

sunshiine1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this it is so pretty!


Tamaresque1 year ago

Hi, it looks lovely and I'll definitely give it a go, but it's very hard to tell from the illustration how big it is. Can you give an idea? Or take a photo with your hand next to it?
Also, excuse me, what do you do with it?

MastaAzumarek (author)  Tamaresque1 year ago
Ah... thought i wrote that in there, my bad. So I've used 90mm x 90mm paper and resulted in about 6.5 cm diameter. If you make it small enough you can put it on your car back mirror, or just have it as decoration in the house. I have one hanging by my window, give a little bit of color in the room.