The embroidery of kutch work is varied and colorful.It flourished in the late 19th and 20th centuries and sample of the work of this period are in a class apart.Using simple darning, herringbone,button hole and chain stitches the embroiderers  of kutch turned out a fascinating range of motifs.
The entire structure is built up by looping the threads with out stitching them to the surface of the cloth.
I have posted  loads pictures which I feel would be easy to follow so please if you have any questions don't forget to ask...I'll be happy to help  :-)

Step 1: Supplies

Cotton material 
Crochet threads of your choice
Embroidery frame
Embroidery scissors (option)

Square paper
Carbon paper
some of your pics are too blurry to see what is in them. but i get the idea and this is neato
Thank you.Yes I agree that some are blurry.Thats why I have written it down in detail.When I get some time I will upload new pictures and write a little bit more about kutch work.
This is a fabulous technique! Thank you for sharing. <br>
Oh it's sooo nice of you to put this up...i have always wanted to learn it...only i have never had the time!
I have given in detail,so if ever you try this please show .
That is beautiful! That is a great technique I've never seen before :)
Thank you very much.
this is definitely very useful &amp; beautiful once its done... thank you for sharing it with us

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