FPS combines my passion for hunting and wildlife conservation with the overall need for self sufficiency.

Step 1: Heat the Kydex Until It Has the Consistency of Wet Leather, the Griddle Does a Great Job of Heating the Kydex Evenly.

I use a $20 Walmart griddle to heat the kydex, its easy and cheap.
<p>Nice intructable. Very neat.</p><p>How do you find kydex? Is it super comfy or more rigid?</p>
Where did you get the foam for your kydex press?
Here you go: http://www.knifekits.com/vcom/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_description=1&amp;keywords=kydex+press+foam&amp;osCsid=mnv631ua40qbh4bjvmq1tstte6&amp;x=0&amp;y=0
Nice work. But what is FPS? Acronyms can have many meanings.
It is short for Food Plot Survival. A page a try to update daily with articles and information.
nice, what's that in your pocket?
SOG Twitch XL with a paracord square knot fob. Good knife, but cheap steel. Would love to have this configuration with a vg10 blade..... one can only dream.
look at my
perfect! look at my https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Dharmabeer/
what is the press and where do i get one? could i use something else for a press that i wouldn't have to buy?
Google kydex press. There are many different homemade designs on the web, I'm sure you can find a good set of plans.
In Step 9, where did you get the pivoting belt clip?
I believe it was knifekits.com
Very nice! I'll be looking into making my own kydex sheath after seeing your work.

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