Picture of L.E.D. Earrings
I've made these simple earrings for friends before. They will glow well over 12 hours and can be made for less then 10 dollers of parts.
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Step 1:

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-2 Led's of choice.
-2 earring fishooks (hobby lobby)
-2 3 volt 1025 batteries (5 bucks a pair at radioshack)
-solder and gun
-small clip of wire (clipped mine off of a resistor)
Could you please tell me if you know of a mail order place that i might be able to purchase the batteries? The type needed for your project are very expensive where I live.  thanks
8bit6 years ago
Maybe a real small model with SMD LED as a stud and the very small battery behind the ear.
Crucio6 years ago
A very cool idea for a geeky girlfriend, especially if you shape the LED head with a file or sandpaper, such as hanelyp did in his faceted LED instructable.
hanelyp8 years ago
Lead free solder has a reputation for being junk. For this project it could be justified.
Andsetinn8 years ago
You can turn it off by sliding paper between the negative wire on the LED and the battery.
nak9 years ago
Be careful. I read somewhere that soldering to small electronics batteries can cause them to explode! I've actually set my soldering iron on one a while back, after about 10 seconds they do make a nice pop with hot caustic juices.
sandalian9 years ago
Exciting :D