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Introduction: L293D Motors Controller Module / Tutorial

L293D is a chip that enable us to control two motors together with only one Arduino board or other microcontrollers. However, I was having a project that required controlling four DC motors together. Recently i brought a L293D Arduino Shields , it covered all of my pins that i need to use them to connect with other breakout board to combine with the motor controller (of course you can buy a L298N motor controller) . I made it, so i decided to share it with u guys now. So let's get started.

Step 1: Collecting Parts and Programs

In this project, you needed these parts :
1.Aruduino Uno R3 (you can also use the other version of Arduino)

2.L293D chips x2

3.BreadBoard(i am using a breadboard mini)

4.BreadBoard pins(i don't know whether it's called Breadboard Pins or not but I am gonna say it that way)

5.Jumper cables

Programs :

You will need Arduino IDE to programs your Arduino ( you can download it from here https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software ) , then download the sketch that i attached and open it up.

Step 2: Connecting the Component

1.Connect the pins with following (did this on both L293D chips):

-Enableand VCC( Vss/Vs in the schematics ) ---> 5v pins (connect Vss,Vs,Enable 1,Enable 2 to 5v pins on Arduinno)

-all GND ---> GND

2.First L239D (the left one) :

**L293D ---> Arduino

-pin 2 (input 1) ---> pin 5

-pin3 (output 1) ---> pin + on DC motor

-pin 6 (output 2) ---> pin - on DC motor

-pin 7 (input 2) ---> pin 6

-pin10 (input 3) ---> pin 2

-pin 11 (output 3) ---> pin - on DC motor

-pin 14 (output 4) ---> pin + on DC motor

-pin 15 (input 4) ---> pin 1

3.Seconds L239D (the right one) :

**L293D ---> Arduino

-pin 2 (input 1) ---> pin 7

-pin 3 (output 1) ---> pin + on DC motor

-pin 6 (output 2) ---> pin - on DC motor

-pin 7 (input 2) ---> pin 8

-pin 10 (input 3) ---> pin 4

-pin 11 (output 3) ---> pin - on DC motor

-pin 14 (output 4) ---> pin + on DC motor

-pin 15 (input 4) ---> pin 3

Tips : i brought a cheap breadboard that do not have a good quality, i meet a problem that i couldn't insert my breadboard pins into the breadboard , it just pop out after i inserted it in , for someone who meet the same problem with me , after u inserted your breadboard pins into the breadboard, simply press hard on the pins that u don't need to use into the breadboard just like what i didn't (refer it on the pictures that i attached above) , it will works well.

**Remarks : refer to the schematic for double confirmation , if spot any wrong pls comment and let me know

Step 3: Done !

Try it out and it should works well , comment below if yours didnt works .



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    Did you power the motors with arduinos 5v output? Does it excede the maximum output current? Maybe you should use an external power supply

    1 reply

    yes, i used the 5v supply from the arduino , it just works well for me so far , of course you can use the external power supply