this gun is purely for looks
The L86 does not use a drum mag. It uses 30 round STANAG magazines. This is actually easier for anyone thinking of making a decent one. As for this slideshow, this could and should be much, much better.
<p>(3 years later)</p><p>it also accepts a 100 round drum mag u know</p>
<p>And 3 years later the answer is still, funnily enough, nope.</p><p>The L86 LSW only uses STANAG magazines.</p>
<p>it also accepts the 100 round drum mag believe me, it does</p>
<p>The clue is in the name; light support weapon. LSWs are used to provide a fire team with enhanced accuracy in short bursts of automatic fire by virtue of a heavier, longer barrel. There is no need for them to have access to large ammunition reserves as they can't be used in sustained fire roles due to a lack of a quick change barrel. In many infantry units the L86A2 is used more as a DMR than a suppressive weapon. That role falls to the FN Minimi (M249 SAW) or FN MAG, more commonly known as the M240B or GPMG. These are much more suitable for sustained fire due to the quick change barrel option and their use of link ammunition rather than box mags.</p>
<p>It's funny how googling &quot;L86 LSW drum mag&quot; almost only shows CoD pictures of the gun with the drum magazine. From what I can find, the largest magazine size the L86 uses is 60 rounds, in a STANAG mag. For a gun that doesn't have a quick change barrel, a drum magazine doesn't add much usefulness. It'll just overheat.</p>
i love the comment... why? so true and nonchalant.

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