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Introduction: L96

its done!(the first vid is to show you the power of the gun) not my best looking gun but has a LOT of power I give some credit to the_burrio_master for the side load idea. LOOK VERY CARFULY SOME PARTS LOOK THE SAME BUT MIGHT BE DIFFERENT. this is the most powerful gun I built(except for the sniper in the slide show) with high elasticity rubber bands. if you have any Qs just comment.

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Step 1: Make This

little parts

Step 2: Build This

build this

Step 3: Build This

build this

Step 4: Build This

build this

Step 5: Quik Break

make shure everything looks right

Step 6: Put on Part C and D

put on part C and D

Step 7: Put on Part E

put on part E

Step 8: Put on Load Rod

put on load rod

Step 9: MODS

if you arnt 100% satisfied with it put this mods on

Step 10: How to Load

how to load



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    L98 sniper rifle, bolt action, best sniper in the game

    6 replies

    battlefield 3 is going to own that sh!t


    You do realize this was posted long before Black ops came out right?

    Yes I do realise that, I'm just saying that I think it's the best sniper in the game.

    ugh another black ops freak..

    can u please send me better pics of the piece in pic # 1
    its really hard to follow

    hey i really like this design but want to know what is the how small green pieces and yellow connectors this requires

    you may change the scope and the stock a bit :/

    how many yellow connectors and white snowflake connectors are there

    hey ik ben van belgie XD

    thank u iron man this is i think the first knex l96 that has instructions

    Aww I would of liked it more if it had a magazine :3