Just another Gun that I've made, I think by far the best one so far :P
I have also checked for more tutorials on other websites, mine would be the best IMO

(NOTE: If you need a more detailed tutorial, just ask.)
(NOTE: I got a bit carried away, and forgot to take photos most of the time :3 )
(NOTE AGAIN!: There is still one thing missing that i don't have yet, ill post it when i get it.)
What would you get the barrel from?<br><br>Pretty cool though.
It's a very long and thin cardboard tube.
tommorow i will make a karambit knife
<p>where is the magazing</p>
<p>i made it thx for the instructables trigger happy</p>
No prob ;D<br><br>&gt;&gt;Post a pic for me!&lt;&lt;
<p>I add silencer best</p>
<p>i made it thx for the instructables trigger happy</p>
This. Is. Badass.
Ty ^_^<br>P.S. Love your new ship and your user pic
:D thanks
<p>I have to make this!!!</p>
Give me pics when you do ;)
hey could u post the procedure pls, i realy want to make this Gun.
<p>Sorry for taking so long, I'm a bit busy.</p>
Ok, but I'll have to draw it, i can't take the gun apart.<br>Is that ok?
looks real
<p>Thank you :D</p>
<p>Neat! That looks great :-)</p>

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