The purpose of this instructable is to convert my beloved 8$ LACK (from ikea) into a bike rack.

Since I moved to Netherlands, I felt the need to protect my beloved italian race bike but since my apartment is only 20 square meters, I struggled to find a cheap solution.

The great thing of this project is that I can still use the table to put my phone while charging and the Tv remote.

I think that the lack is one of the best products of ikea: it's cheap, lite, can be transformed in anything (you you need some inspiration you can take a look at my instructable's guide "hack the lack") and its design is timeless.

Step 1: Tools

For building the rack you need the following tools and materials:
  • Drill (an electric screwdriver is enough)
  • Jigsaw 
  • Ruler
  • LACk table from Ikea
  • Vinavil glue
  • White spray can
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One of those retro-obvious, why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas. Fan - frelling - tastic! :)
That's a GREAT idea !
Thanks :)

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