Laptop desk from Camera Tripod. Works along side your bed, chair , whatever.

Step 1:

First, I found a nut that fits the camera tripod base. Then counter sunk, drilled into the other side of a piece of scrap so that it wouldn't pull through and had enough that the tripod screw could bite into it from bottom. I made the wood base smaller than the laptop to help in the cooling underneath. Carefully tighten the tripod base to the wood (hand tighten)

Step 2:

On the top of the base (Laptop side) I glued some old rubber sheeting to cover the base and give a non slip base for the laptop. Then used straight edge and exacto knife to trim the rubber away.

Step 3:

Next, I found a old strap to something long forgotten. Strapped the laptop down to the base. Careful to keep mouse ports, dvd access bay clear.

Step 4:

The tripod tilt adjust works to adjust the laptop to tilt up and down angles. If you hand tightened the base to the tripod, you can also swing (carefully) the laptop from side to side to various offset angles.
The tripod legs can be extended or lowered to any size situation.

Happy computing and keep on Instructables!!



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    one way to get rid of the non slip pad and help it breathe better would be to just attach a ledge at the bottom so it wont slip off. This could be used as a palm rest as well since typing standing up you are left without support.

    I built the same thing and here is why. Pay attention. This is important:

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    ....and those hemoroids are a pain in the arse!!

    A fantastic idea. Perfect for those of us sysadmins who sit all day and want to be able to stand to break the monotony. :D

    Thanks a lot!

    (I wrote nearly the same comment to mikeasaurus who made nearly the same thing, but more recently.)

    I know this thread might long be forgotten, but it's just what I have been looking for. I damaged my back last summer, and as a designer who spends hours at my computer both in the office and on building sites I have been looking to create just such a table myself. Is it for everyone? No, but to enable the few who are not suited to products marketed for the many is awesome and noble! Many thanks,

    Awesome idea! Brings up more ideas for using a tripod base. Thanks!

    This is a great solution for location shoots with my dslr tethered. Thanks for this simple but effective solution.

    a little bit pointless.... but i like it


    Hardly Pointless,
    Let's look at it from a commercial or serious hobby standpoint.
    If you do any kind of serious outdoor portraiture or architectural photography I find it essential to have a laptop while shooting teathered to the camera.

    1. Instant feedback regarding exposure, composition and white balance.
    (try properly evaluating your image with the 2.5 or 3 inch screen on the camera even with a Hoodman)

    2. Easier for the client (model or art director) to see the product while in production.

    Having the laptop attached securely to tripod at the shoot is important. This design is both secure, affordable and can be tweaked to be modified for your particular computer.

    pointless? come on, this is awesome. Very mobile, light, doesn't take up much space. This'd be great with casters as well, and if you clarified that it it can be made with a new tripod as well as an old one.