Picture of Backpack GPS tracker

When going on a holiday, vacation or to SPY on your girlfriend having a GPS datalogger in your backpack would be fun and handy... I just got a brilliant idea to turn u LAPTOP bag (+ur laptop) to a PORTABLE GPS data logger, I just feel its really cool to get back home and replay your path, you could also add a open log or and SD MMC card datalogger to make it smaller....

once you get back...u can get the data and play-back u trip on google earth....and see ur self MOVE....check out the video below and see how cool it is...


Sorry for the low quality video...but the path/track animation is very smooth...


Step 1: Required!!

Picture of Required!!

1.GPS chipset with external antenna feature(RPSMA connector) which gives a RS232 output

2.Mountable(Magnetic) GPS antenna

3.USB to Serial converter(prolific will do FTDI also works fine)
   (any other CABLES to make connection)

4.Battery Back(12-9v).

5.LAPTOP(win xp/linux/win7….wat eve…)

6.LAPTOP bag (targus is good)

RodrigoA26 months ago


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fayazshaik3 years ago
nice work i like this project made by you . i've choosen to make this as my mini project but i find some difficulty about the components , can you please send how to get them to my email id "fayazshaik412@gmail.com" . i would be thankful if u send me the details . thanq
nice work! could you plz send me complete instructions along with the code to my email id:- "vishal260191@gmail.com". i'd love to make one for myself :)...and isn't there a way to make it a standalone logger?
sajingeo (author)  vishal2601913 years ago
yes u can....u can use a micro.. load at FAT lib on it...interface a SD or MMC card to dump all the data from the UART to a txt file on memory card....u can get all instruction in a PDF file, register as a pro user...
earney3 years ago
where would i be able to get a gps chipset from? and would there be anyway to load this to a memory card without the use of a laptop or upload in realtime for tracking purposes?
sajingeo (author)  earney3 years ago
this is exactly wat u want...

or u can make one using an arduino....u can use any one of these products...