I have made a small LASER pattern generator using simple DC motors. I had made my first as a kid in school with no speed control what so ever. This one is controlled by an Adruino UNO and L293 motor driver.

Step 1: Parts Needed

This is a very simple setup. The following parts are needed.
2 DC motors
2 round mirrors
something to mount mirros on to the motor rotor. (a gear head will help)
Adrduino UNO
Power to run the motors 6V AC to DC convertor
connecting wires
You have inspired my next project. <br>It was something I made back in the 80's, but it was all analog. <br>You've given me a great idea on how to make it AVR controlled. <br> <br>It's going to be awesome if it works out! <br>Thanks for the spark!
from the looks of the video you need to use power modulation rather than pulse modulation for speed control to take the jitter and breaks away
That is my crappy cell phone camera. Other wise the patterns are very smooth. Will try to record a better one and post.

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