LAW Rocket Launcher Replica W/Flash Cotton Muzzle Blast [HD Video Tutorial]





Introduction: LAW Rocket Launcher Replica W/Flash Cotton Muzzle Blast [HD Video Tutorial]

This rocket launcher uses flash cotton (gun cotton, nitrocellulose) to simulate the muzzle blast of a real rocket. It is an excellent prop for home movies, or just a great addition to a Halloween costume. Needless to say, it should not be fired indoors or at other living creatures. Flash cotton does not usually cause burns to the skin, but that does not mean it never will. It does produce a real flame so it also should not be used in dry or flammable environments.

Flash cotton can be purchased many places online, or at local magic shops for quite reasonable prices.

The total price of this project was about $35.

Midwest Fastener Corp. 2790 G Power Tool Switch
4' 12 gauge wire
Three 1 1/2" x 3/16 Machine Screws
Five 3/16" Nuts to Fit Screws
Nichrome Wire
6 Volt Battery

3' of 3" PVC Pipe
Two 4" x 3" PVC Reducers
1.5" PVC End Cap
PVC Cement

Parts for Scope:
1" x 1" x 1/2" S x S x T PVC "T" Fitting
1/2" Close Threaded Pipe Nipple



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    Where can I buy the trigger? (or one like it that will work)

    Good job, but doesn't resemble a LAW rocket launcher in the slightest

    thats so cool man!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wonder if i set this up on a hill with a friend operating waiting for the guest then a simple air puff next to them they think there being attacked by a man wth a rocket launcher

    Combine with landmine add a grenade and BAM instant grnede launcher

    like the muzzle flash, but combined w/ your airsoft mine it would be epic