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This tutorial is how to make a lazersynth with the FL Studios Harmor preset.

Step 1: 1

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First go and select the preset: DEFAULT

Step 2: 2

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Next click on this little box and change the volume Envelope to what is shown.

Step 3: 3

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Next change the PLUCK nob to about 80% ( same as shown below ) (if you want a much shorter pluck sounding lazer then turn it to about 50% this is what i prefer.)

Step 4: 4

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Then turn the  TIMBRE mix nob to about 80% (if you want a really clean lazer with little to no grit turn it up to 100%)

Step 5: 5

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CLICK on the timbre waveform....

Step 6: 6

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And  zoom out all the way ( both scroll bars) on the Timbre 1 harmonic level and change the shape to what i have. as you can see in the top left corn the waveform is changin and it should look somewhat like mine. NOTICE!!!!! EARLIER WHEN YOU CLICKED ON THE TIMBRE WAVEFORM THE MIX NOB WENT BACK TO NORMAL SO JUST CHANGE IT BACK TO 80%.

Step 7: 7

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Go to the FX bar on the right hand side and click on the little circle where my mouse is (next to the DELAY FX to turn it on).

Step 8: 8

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Change the FREQ and DETUNE numbers to:
FREQ 2.0000/1
DETUNE 2.000/4

Step 9: 9

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click on the Timbre harmonic 1 bar...

Step 10: 10

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Scroll down and click on the PITCH articulation.

Step 11: 11

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click on the little box to turn the articulation on and then change the wave shape to mimic mine. (by using right click)

Step 12: 12

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YOUR ALL DONE! ( if you want a shorter pluckier style lazer then shorten the volu,e envelope an put the pluck nob to about 50%)

Step 13: 13

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TURN IT IN TO AN ARPEGGIATOR!!!  this is super easy and will only take a few more steps.
Change the volume envelope to copy me. (or play around with it) add more focal points by right clicking. MAkE SURE TO RIGHT CLICK ON THE POINT THAT HAS THE "S" AND THEN CLICK ON "SUSTAIN/LOOP END" 

Step 14: 14

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Then go into the pitch Envelope and change the shape to mine now your lazer should have a three step pattern (you can make the arp better by making the shapes of both volume and pitch different. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS TUTORIAL TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE SOMETHING ELSE! 


Kiteman (author)2013-04-09

Don't we get to hear the results?

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