Picture of LCD projector mount for cheapish...
Want to mount your LCD projector to the ceiling? Don't want to spend $100 or more?
You will need:
1. LCD Projector
2. Generic speaker wall mount kit (internet, ebay, swap meet, hardware store... $3-$20. Usually have two in a kit)
3. Drill with assorted bits
4. Pop riveter with rivets or equivalent (Use long rivets 3/4"-1" long)
5. Really long computer monitor cable (www.pacificcable.com)
6. Plastic plate 1/4" thick +/- big enough to cover all the mounting holes on the bottom of your projector (hardware store or www.tapplastics.com... less than $1)
7. Screws 3/32" about 0.5" long (Special size to fit in the mounting holes in bottom of projector)
8. Screw driver with assorted screw bits (philips & hex head in a bunch of sizes)
9. 1/4" washers for rivets (1/4" hole... not the outside diameter)

Step 1: The mount

Picture of The mount
Get a generic speaker wall mount kit. I have done this the metal and the plastic ones, both work just fine. You can get them online, ebay, or just about any hardware store for under $20

1. Take the speaker mount apart with hex head screwdriver bit.
hypershrimp5 years ago
I took a old 14 inch CRT monitor base and put a piece of wood on top. Now and swivel it which ever way i need to.
riglertke6 years ago
I did the same thing in my classroom. The one thing that I added was a safety catch. I put a hook on the plastic and on the ceiling and attached a small chain. With kids around you never know if they are going to try to jump and touch it and then the whole thing fall down. Thanks for you ideas.