Step 2: Plastic Plate

The plastic plate can be any type of plastic or synthetic piece. I used this really light plastic that is kinda like foam.

Line up the mount in the middle of the plate and mark the holes with a permanent pen.

Drill holes in the plastic plate that line up with the speaker mount... mounting holes.

Using a pop riveter attach the plastic plate to the speaker mount. You might have to use a small washer to give the rivet a good foundation to grip into. When you do the pop rivet you have to go from the bottom up... otherwise you might run the rivet into the projector later.

I took a old 14 inch CRT monitor base and put a piece of wood on top. Now and swivel it which ever way i need to.
I did the same thing in my classroom. The one thing that I added was a safety catch. I put a hook on the plastic and on the ceiling and attached a small chain. With kids around you never know if they are going to try to jump and touch it and then the whole thing fall down. Thanks for you ideas.

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