Step 18: Build Your Own Step 3 - Capacitors

Picture of Build Your Own Step 3 - Capacitors
Next are the capacitors. The ceramic capacitors (brown discs in the picture) are easy - they are unpolarized (meaning you can put them in either way) and all have the same value (0.1uF).

More caution is required for the electrolytic capacitors (black cylinders in the pictures). First, there are two different values - 1uF (the group of four placed around the socket on the bottom left side), and 100uF (the other four). Second, those capacitors are polarized - inserting them the wrong way around will destroy them when you power up the scope. The silkscreen indicates the positive side (with a "+"), as is usual practice. Strangely enough, the capacitors themselves have the negative side labeled (with a "-", the vertical gray stripe on the capacitors), so make sure you put them in the right way.