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I was recently working on a series of mono-prints of the 4 seasons using leaves and an etching press. I began to photograph the leaves I was using at different stages of the printmaking process. I created a collection of  what I think are pretty interesting images as well as turing 12 of them into each month for a calendar. 

Step 1: How It Began

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To make the mono-prints I was rolling ink on pieces of plexi glass. Then I would place the leaves on the plexi and run them through the etching press to ink them. Next I would carefully peel the inked leaves from the plexi and arrange them on my paper the way I wanted them to "offset" . Sometimes I would re-ink a leaf with a different color to get mixture of ink that I liked. Eventually I noticed that the plexi plates at different stages with and without the actual leaves still on them were pretty interesting so I began to make photos of them as well. I used my i-phone camera. The images were pretty cool on their own  and on some I used an app called Romantic Photo, and others I used an app called Auto Painter. 

Step 2: Calendar

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I ended up with a lot of interesting images that I thought would represent the different months of a calendar, so I made one. 

Step 3: January

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Step 4: February

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Step 5: March

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Step 6: April

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Step 7: May

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Step 8: June

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Step 9: July

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Step 10: August

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Step 11: September

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Step 12: October

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Step 13: November

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Step 14: December

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Step 15: Winter

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This is one of the Winter monoprints, 24"X36"

Step 16: Spring

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Step 17: Summer

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Step 18: Autumn

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rachel pallis (author)2013-01-08

Not only a calendar but greeting cards! Mine is beeeeeeeeeeeeee--utiful!

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