These earrings are easy and fast to make, and really cheap.
You only need basic tools and you can use small piece of scrap leather.
They are really lightweight, and they don't get mess up like the real feather one.


-scrap leather;
-earrings  hooks;
-transparent leather acrylic (I used a acrylic medium, UV and water resistent, that dry really flexible, of a brand "Golden");
-copper or gold dust;
-good scissors;
-small brush.

+some decoration that you want (little chains, mini studs, beads...)
I'm in love with this! Great talent!
You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! <br>sunshiine
wow...Just.....Wow! xD Its very simple yet very nice! I like it!
Very clever, thanks! They Look good.
prettiest leather earring ever!!! love it :)
Thanks! I'm happy you like them!
Cool. Your very creative.
They are cute :). Thanks for sharing :)

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