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Introduction: LED & Fiber Optic New Years Party - HacknMod.com

HacknMod.com - A compilation of various led and fiber optic hacks and projects the average Joe can assemble to create one hell of an awesome, wild party.

See PART TWO of the video here - http://youtube.com/watch?v=wRTD5ZLafo0



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    you might be able to replace the acrylic tubes with hot-glue sicks

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    eh...you COULD...but it probably wouldn't look as sexy - plus, they are only 3 bucks, plus 3 shipping - Here

    Hey that link didn't work for me, Does it look better with acrylic tube or acrylic rod? It looks like its acrylic rod in the video.

    just use icee straws, they're free...

    for short lengths that would work (straws) but the light isn't saturating inside a solid object.

    Glue sticks don't work well... I've tried everything.

    Some very very thick fishing line works (think for fishing for marlin!) and is 1.5 mm to 1.8 mm thick. Works well but it depends on the composition of the material... what kind of plastic and so forth.

    I've worked on a lot of alternatives to EL (really don't like it's limitations) for Mardi Gras floats and costumes.

    There's a kind of stretchy clear duck decoy tie that I'm told might work well... and is cheap for the massive quantity... and is flexible.

    However - I love lightpipe stuff... the "real" light pipes are soooo expensive.
    Acrylic rod and other plastics can be found in long lengths pretty cheap at supply distributors for sign making. I have alot of other materials and techniques I use... but too long to list here... planning an instructable on them after carnival season... which is NOW till end of Feb! so much work!

    hi., ive built this circuit but it doesnt seem to work..im using a tip31a transistor but i think the pproblem lies with the p2 plug so are only two wires form the plug connected..im confused any help would be appreciated cheers !

    what did you call the board with +/- strips on it? ive only heard it referred to as a 'bread-board' and i dont get many reasults for those on ebay.

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    It's called a bread board, yeah. You can find it here.

    how did you make the disco ball

    u could always just buy blinking leds if u were to lazy to hook up the music blinker lol and another thing i dont thing hot clue sticks would be a good idea ( one cause leds still get hot not as hot but may cause the hot glue sticks to go soft and melt abit and its not as clear so less light would pass thro and as for the audio spliter u dont need that u could always just splice straight into the speaker cord mayb not a good idea on ur computer speakers but car speakers sure would be fine wouldnt see it

    interesting content but poor Instructables writeup. Instructables should be about breaking projects down into steps, and documenting each step. your video is just a "look what I did" with no writeup at all aside from narration. the end of the video seems cut off, right in the middle of your led music sticks.

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    I agree it should include ALL the information here. Maybe he wanted people to go to his website instead, I dunno.

    Yes, I agree it's not very indepth. The main point was to show you a lot of different cool stuff you can make with LEDs. I made a mistake uploading the video so only the first part was uploaded. Click Here to view the second video

    That first one is so ghetto, yet so classy! I love it. :D

    Awesome job, looks easy and simple.

    Finally LEDs made simple. Thanks for the tips. I like talk intercom.