Make a bright beautiful LED art piece or sign

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

- An engraver, dremel, or rotary tool
- A 1/8 inch thick 12 inch by 12 inch piece of acrylic (can be found on amazon for around $5)
- Wood
- A saw
- A towel
- A piece of paper
- A pen or printer
- LED's
- Wire
- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Tape measure
- Hot glue gun

Step 2: Create the Design

Draw or print a design onto a piece of paper and tape it to the back of the Acrylic

Step 3: Engrave

Use the Engraver or rotary tool to slowly trace along the lines from the paper. Go over an extra time to really make it pop.

Step 4: Clean

Use a rag to get rid of the excess and shine it up

Step 5: Test

Put a flash light on the edge of the acrylic and position it so the light is highlighted by the engraved lines

Step 6: The Frame

Let's start building the frame

Step 7: Measure and Cut

Take the sheet of wood and cut it into the shown sections

Step 8: Assemble

Wood glue all of the parts together and use a clamp to secure them. If necessary use a staple gun to hold the parts together. When the wooden frame is done insert the piece of acrylic carefully.

Step 9: Add LED's

Cut two lengths of wire. Solder the positive ends of the LED's to one wire and the negative sides to the other wire.Then use a hot glue gun to glue the LED's to the acrylic.

Step 10: Add Power

Insert 3v of power, to do this, I soldered two AA batteries to the positive and negative ends of the wire. anything around 3v will work. A switch would be useful but I couldn't find one. Now your done.
Nice work! Edge lighting is a fun thing to play around with - I want to try it with EL wire.
<p>i was thinking the same thing, it might be cool to run the wire all around the edge of the acrylic. maybe paint the sides and the top edges black and using different colored EL wire around the top and sides than the color on bottom.</p>
<p>Wondering if it could be used with an erasable marker? I may also have an LED circuit add on that would make the LED's brighter using a coil oscillator.</p>

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