this is an LED Blinker circuit, which is very simple to make and consists of very few components. ie an 8 ohm speaker, an LED and two 1.5 v batteries AA size. this circuit can be used in Christmas trees, the LED blinks according to sound, speaker acts as a mic here..... blinking varies with speakers
I just tried making this circuit. <br>My LED remain ON all the time and would dim very slightly when I flicked the speaker with my finger. I tried a 4, 8, 16, and 64 ohm speaker, both in its suggested polarity and reversed polarity. <br>Did I miss something simple?
Led will not completely turn off, it will dim slightly only
I noticed this from your images. However mine is fully on all the time. <br>I will do some more experimenting and see what I can find out :)
Maybe try a resistor in series?
I was thinking the exact same thing, but haven;t had a second to test it. Also the speaker I used that I thought was 8 ohm is actually a 16 ohm. THe manufacturer had printed the info very wierd.
hmmm... worth a try. Good Luck!!

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