Step 6: Remove Inverter Board and Connect LEDs

Picture of Remove Inverter Board and Connect LEDs

Now that I have replaced the CCFLs, I can remove the inverter board as long as it is completely separate from everything else.  My LED strip runs off of 12VDC, so I had to find a source and neutral point to solder the wires to.  From my experience, this is a very common voltage in LCDs, but make sure to find a 12V source that is off when the screen is off and on when the screen is on or else the LED strips will always be turned on while the screen is plugged in.  Also, make sure it is capable of supplying the necessary current for the LEDs needs.  I wanted to use a fuse on the 12V line to be safe.  Once I attached my wires, I needed to secure them so they don't move around or get pinched during the final reassembly.  I could now continue to reassemble the screen until it is completely put back together.

mizapilah3 years ago
Your write up is good, could you provide a wiring circuit diagram to show where to find the 12vdc supply point on the mainboard. tq.
drew.adc (author)  mizapilah3 years ago
The 12Vdc supply point will vary depending on the main board circuit, which is why I didn't provide the wiring diagram. You can look at the power supply first to see if it is labeled with the voltages where the connectors go. That is where I pulled my source from. Otherwise, you will need to determine where the supply is on your particular board and take the appropriate voltage from there.
Thanks cheeyah. My lcd tv output supply is a 24VDC. I'll connect the led strip to the 24VDC / Grnd. C if it will work.
mizapilah3 years ago
Tq cheeyah., ur reply appreciated. My lcd tv supply is 24VDC, thus I'll connect the led strip from there. C if it will work.