A guide to creating illuminated shapes with balloons and LEDs.  Although this instructable demonstrates how to create a red-illuminated balloon heart, these techniques can be used to create most any shape (possibly 3-dimensional) of your own design.   The actual assembly of this example took approximately 2 hours to complete.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this project include:

-20  latex balloons
-20  LEDs
-20 3v coin cell batteries

I used red LEDs and pink balloons, but any colours will do.

I just did a instructable about flying LED's i called Flyies. <br><br>one thing to watch out about the led's is most have a very sharp little lip at the base of the led, (its in how the plastic is cast) so your tape should go up past the base of the led, to avoid balloons from popping if shaken/blown by the wind. <br><br>you can also find CR1025's cheaply and they will light a led for about 4 days. they will also just slip into a balloon without much struggle. My first ones used cr2032's and had to fill the balloons to near bursting to fly here (1 mile above sea level) that night out of 20 of them only one did not pop. sue to that sharp little bit on the led. and the way it lies on the bottom of the balloon.

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