Introduction: DIY Simple LED Bike Tires

A simple way to make your tires light up the night. This can work on bikes, scooters, and mabey even cars. Ok probably not cars since their tires might just send this little array flying and possibly breaking something or hurting someone. Also if you dont have any leds sitting around you can take apart a flashlight for them.

Step 1: Materials

This project will use a varation of the "LED Throwie".

-4 leds(any color)
-2, 3v battaries
-electrical tape
- a bike or another slow moving form of transportstion

Step 2: Dual "Throwies"

Now take 2 LEDs and one battery and attach them with electrical tape. Repeat this for the two remaning LEDs and battery.

Step 3: Attach to Wheel

Now take some duct tape or electrical tape and secure the "dual throwie" to the outer part of the wheel rim. Make shure it is on the outer part of the rim or else centrifugal force will most likely tear the whole thing off or at least bend the LEDs alot. Sorry I forgot to photograph this part up close.

Step 4: Done

Now you have cool light up wheels in under 5min.


Skrae86 made it! (author)2012-10-02

I did a similar hack to some hub-caps of mine back in the day. Got some amusing looks from people in other cars, should really redo it and post it up here =)

mjes made it! (author)2010-11-14

can make is project for car is good.

ikoda made it! (author)2010-08-07

Wait. When you're riding does it make a continuous circle of light or not? I'm thinking no... =S

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-08

Very close to it when you are moving at a good rate of speed.

shaggs31 made it! (author)shaggs312010-08-14

If you put two lights on the opposite sides of one tire you might have a better circle effect.


Does this remind anyone of TRON ?

hamletpri made it! (author)hamletpri2010-10-16


lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-15

Yea that helps when you go slower making a complete circle with less speed.

hamletpri made it! (author)2010-10-16

this is a very nice idea, i think i'm gonna do it seeing as my parents are always nagging me about having no light on my bike. What about el-wire? although maybe that wouldn't be necessary as the wheels are spinning so it would create the same effect of like a circle of light.

izzy83 made it! (author)2010-08-20

very nice idea. ill do-it-myself and add them to my bike when it stops raining.

Lutchmun made it! (author)Lutchmun2010-08-22

eeeh i thought.. D: I thought if you had your anode and cathode covered up with some sort of waterproof electrical tape the actuale LED light will still light.. i mean, the plastic is waterproof right?

izzy83 made it! (author)izzy832010-08-23

what i meant was that my bike was right at the end of the garden, and it was pouring with rain.i have tried it and the bike looks awesome.

Lutchmun made it! (author)2010-08-17

What if you add a switch to it? instead of it being on ALL the time, finishing your battery... Try that and take some pics id like to see that :)

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-18

For extended use that would be a great addition. When I thought of this it was just for a simple one time thing that you would take off after you are done with it.

skaterqwertyuiop made it! (author)2010-08-15

Great instructable. May I recommend having something in between the LED wires, and the battery, when stored, so the battery does not die out. Or, you could just take it apart after using it :P

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-16

Yes that would be a good idea if you didnt take this apart after each use.

Ugifer made it! (author)2010-08-09

If you have steel rims, you could attach these in traditional throwie-style with rare-earth magnets. Great idea.

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-09

Yes it would stick but you would probably want to tape it just to be shure it dosent stick around.

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-14

Just to make shure it dosent slide around.

shaggs31 made it! (author)2010-08-13

cool idea. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while. I guess you beat me to it.

pleabargain made it! (author)2010-08-10

Very simple yet clever. I'll outfit my daughter's bike with some of these tonight. We've a small 'no-car' playground nearby, we'll make use of it!

zerty0n made it! (author)2010-08-08

very simple yet so effective tho I'm not sure how useful it would be for cars to avoid you since they do looks pretty trancing

lamboboy732 made it! (author)lamboboy7322010-08-08

Yea also where I live in New Jersey it is illegal to add non stock lights to your car that dont meet some extremely strict color and brightness requirements.

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