Step 12: How to read it

Picture of How to read it
the secret lays in understanding how it works, it's really simple!

It is a binary clock, it's a bit harder to read but that makes it cooler, you'll get used to it.

the first 2 colums correspond to hours, toe 3rd and the 4th correspond to minutes. the 2nd and 4th colums are units and the 1st and 3rd ones are 10 of the corresponding units (hours, Minutes).

you need to add the lit up LEDs to get the time, see image 2 for an example (it's not as hard as it might seem, it's actually really easy)

remember , if you make the 24 hour version, you will have a 12:00+ hour in the afternoons, with the 12 hour one, you will have the normal time. (i think everybody understands this part).

It'l get really easy after a week or two of reading your new super, unique cool clock.